Reasons why you should never use free VPN

You ever said that – ‘All Good things come for free’ was probably living in the 15th century. In the 21st century, the word free is only limited to the air we breathe, except that every good thing comes with a price tag.

These days it is difficult to find a little privacy, your private life is freely available in the public domain and, if someone gets to access your social media profiles, they can know you, more than you know yourself. Thus, no matter how many privacy settings you choose, the advertisers can hack them and read your mind. You will be surprised to know, that companies you hire to get Internet service, are selling your data to the advertisers. Unknowingly, every moment you are being watched. So, if you are tired of these strange third eyes and are hating those random advertising calls and mails, then it’s time to choose a VPN.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and, it routes all your browsing information, through an encrypted tunnel, so that it becomes private and nobody can spy over your information. By using a VPN, you hide your online journey not just from your ISP’s but also from every Public Wi-fi network that is allowing you free access, so that they can track you down. We recommend ExpressVPN for better security.

What are the benefits of a VPN?

The list of advantages that a VPN offers is endless. However, here are the top 2 benefits that make VPN an essential security tool.

Hide your Browsing journey

A person without a VPN gives away every bit of information, including the sites he visited, the duration of the visit, the time of the visit and your IP address. However, if you have a VPN, all that the spying body can see is that you are using a VPN. In this manner, all your information remains private and confidential.

Access Unlimited Websites

If you are travelling to a country where every second website is blocked, it might cause hindrance to your work and your personal needs. For instance, if you are in Korea then you will be restricted from even accessing Facebook. In such situations, having a VPN is a necessity. VPN can allow you to access content freely, bypassing the internet censorship laws prevailing in that country. So, now with a VPN, you can even watch Abema TV in China.

Can we use Free VPN?

At the beginning of this article, we did say that ‘All Good things don’t come for free’,  the effectiveness of a VPN will solely depend upon your selection of a good and credible VPN service provider. A Free VPN might seem like a lucrative option, but it is an illusion, that does not guarantee data security.

Free VPN’s are Data collection Points

Have you ever thought that if businesses start selling things for free, how will they operate? In the case of Free VPN, the selling point is not the security protocol, but your data. The Free VPN servers do not encrypt your data; they shift your data to the third-party servers and sell them for a fortune. Thus, if you think a free VPN is protecting you just as a paid VPN would, then you are wrong.

Leaks your IP address

A Free VPN is contrary to a paid VPN. Paid VPN’s hide your IP address from the outsiders and provides total security to your digital activities. On the contrary, a free VPN is a tunnel that is not encrypted; thus, it allows easy access to hackers and exposes your online browsing history.

Exposes your device to malware

Free VPN servers contain malware; when you access these free servers, the malware can attack your systems and destroy not just your online privacy but your devices. The recent ransomware attacks are a living example of the level of damage malware can cause to your financial and personal life.


Free VPN’s can promise robust security, but you need to be wise while using them. Anything sold for free cannot be held accountable. Although the free VPN will allow you to access all restricted content, the price you pay for this free service can be disastrous. A paid VPN will charge you a few dollars every month, but they will take care of your privacy and secure your data from the potential hackers.

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