PrimeXBT: Why 24/7 Live Customer Service Matters

Several factors go into earning a reputation for being a great Bitcoin trading platform, and PrimeXBT checks all of the boxes. There is a wide range of assets and tools for any trader’s convenience, and the platform itself is reliable and easy to use.

There is built in technical analysis software so there is very little reason to ever leave the platform, and there is a free smartphone app offered for when users need to access their positions while on the go.

Accounts are protected by bank-grade security and there is a massive blog filled with helpful topics and more. A lucrative four-level referral program offers an additional revenue stream for traders or webmasters. For all of these reasons PrimeXBT has been honored with several industry awards, but none of these yet are the platform’s most compelling feature and we’ll explain why.

The most important factor in PrimeXBT’s customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty, has been none other than the around the clock, live, 24/7 customer support.

Cryptocurrency Community Spreads Via Consensus, Word Of Mouth

The cryptocurrency is a Wild West in its current state, with very little regulation. It takes a platform itself to adhere to the strictest standards and hold themselves accountable for any issues. A platform that goes the extra mile, is often easily noticeable as the crowd will tend to flock there by word of mouth and consensus.

As word spreads that a platform is worthy of a deposit for one reason or another, it can still take time for a reputation to grow. Reputations can take years to build, but only one wrong scenario to ruin. It also can take only one poor experience to turn a user against a platform for good.

Unfamiliar Financial Technology Leads To Uneasy User Base

Cryptocurrency is a new, and unfamiliar technology to many and has only been around a little more than a decade. Many people today still struggle with smartphones and the internet, so to ask them to jump right in and pick up crypto is a lot to ask.

There are numerous ways that crypto assets could be put at risk by the asset holder inadvertently. Such are the pitfalls of a new technology that lets users become their own bank. For example, if a Bitcoin holder sends BTC to the wrong wallet, either because they mistyped or used a LTC wallet instead, the assets are gone for good.

PrimeXBT offers clear instructions on all of the platform’s most important tasks, such as withdrawals, deposits, and more. In addition, there is a Help Center with dozens of topics on how to use the platform correctly and safely for the best possible experience. Good customer service starts before the customer ever realizes they need it, and PrimeXBT more than has this area covered.

Preemptive Education Is The Best Prevention Against Problems

In addition to the Help Center, which is regularly updated when new features go live, there is also an official company blog that is an extension of the customer service experience. PrimeXBT uses this platform for important platform updates and news, but also to share trading tips, guides, and other compelling and helpful content.

Examples of guides include technical analysis tips and tactics, a primer on DeFi, NFTs, and more, along with trading strategies for forex, commodities, stock indices, and other traditional markets like gold or oil.

New product tutorials and demos also introduce some of the most important platform updates to users in a big way. For example, when the PrimeXBT V2.0 upgrade went live and changed the account interface, the blog shared a walkthrough for user’s convenience and comfort. These few extra steps can go a long way in building customer loyalty through engagement.

Engaging Users And Interacting Helps Footprint Grow

Engaging with users is the next way that PrimeXBT’s commitment to its customers extends outside the platform. The customer experience doesn’t always end when the trading sessions stops, and PrimeXBT regularly engages with its users through official community channels and social media accounts.

The official Twitter, for example, is always giving away BTC, sharing charts, and polling users on where they think a certain asset’s price might be headed next. Not only does this make users feel part of something bigger than themselves, it shows onlookers what they could be missing out on.

Unique tools such as the Covesting copy trading module are often the deciding point to try the platform for the first time, which typically gets noticed due to one strategy manager boasting about their total profits and sharing screenshots of their PnLs.

24/7 Live Chat For Emergencies And More

Last but certainly not least, PrimeXBT’s customer service deserves a nod for their 24/7 live chat support staff, or friendly email support team. Whether it is through social media, the live chat, email, or wherever, a PrimeXBT representative is always waiting to help and lend a hand.

As a platform that boasts more than 99% uptime and some of the fastest order matching around with no slippage, there are usually very few reasons for contacting customer service in the first place, but when in need they’re always there. Common reasons for needing customer service’s help include a deposit that hasn’t arrived, issues with address whitelisting, or questions about how to set up a margin account.

Very few other platforms offer 24/7 access to support, which is important for a global-reaching trading platform. Competitors provide other solutions, but independent comparison from crypto industry influencers shown that PrimeXBT’s response time beat out all other platforms by a large margin. The difference is in the customer-focused approach and a commitment to higher standards than most.

In the rare case something does come up and you need to reach out to customer support, don’t you feel more secure knowing that there’s always a place to contact for some assistance? When capital is on the line, risk management is key, yet few offer the same considerations when selecting a platform as they do when setting a stop loss. When it comes to disaster type situations, the best way to stop the feeling of loss, is to make sure you have a 24/7 customer service support chat to reach out to.

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