Poker Tournaments vs Cash Games: Which One to Go For?

Online poker can be loads of fun but only if you know which kind to go for. Online poker features not just multiple variants such as Hold’em and Omaha poker but also different types of game formats and structures that make them unique and hence, calls for a game of their own.

Before you hit any type, a player must know the nit bits of all the popular formats of the game. The two most popular kind we will discuss here are poker tournaments and cash games. Both feature distinct structures and calls for specific game strategy to thrive. You must understand the features of each format to know which format is a better choice for you. Generally, regulars like to play both games, however, most professionals like to stick to poker tournaments.

Anyhow, we say you carefully browse through the pros and cons of both cash games and online poker tournaments and decide accordingly.


Poker cash games run all day long on online poker apps. Different tables run live according to different category of stakes, so players can simply pick a table, take a seat and play as long as he wants. Cash tables do not have any start/finish time which means you can join a table, play as many games you want and leave whenever you want to.

On the contrary, poker tournaments start and end at a stipulated time. You can register for tournaments according to the announced date and time and you must stick in the game until it is finished unless you are eliminated before it ends. This means cash games can be quick but tournaments can last longer, typically for a couple of hours depending on the number of participants.

Therefore, if you are looking for some quick action, hit the cash tables. Those looking for some stellar competition, look no further online poker tournaments. They will not only help you give the experience you seek but you can also win decent money while at it.

Poker Bankroll

Every kind of poker game needs to be played according to one’s bankroll. Each game type calls for a particular amount of bankroll, thus, whether you play cash games other online games or online poker tournaments, you need to stick to your bankroll to avoid going completely broke.

Poker cash games usually demand lesser bankroll than poker tournaments. In cash games, you usually pick a table of the stakes you prefer and play games for blinds that are static throughout the game. Hence, you could indeed play online poker cash games for as low as 20 bucks.

Conversely, when you play online poker tournaments, you need a bigger bankroll because you need to pay a certain buy-in to register for the tournament besides the rake and the rising blinds. Indeed, unlike poker cash games, in tournaments, the blinds rise steadily after every few minutes adding further stress on your bankroll. Plus, the unpredictability of the game often calls for back-up which means you will need emergency funds as part of your bankroll to handle the swings in the game.

Learning vs Competition

If you are a new to playing online poker-cash poker games would be a smart choice. You not just get to observe your opponent’s psyche and game tactics but also experience different situations in a poker game without spending a huge chunk of your bankroll. Since cash games are more fun and recreational in nature, you get to play with opponents with similar level of experience.

Tournaments are a great way to enter the competition and gain valuable experience from professionals. The best way to do so is to play micro stakes tournaments and work your way up the competition ladder as you get better in the field. Anyone wishing to make it big in the poker circuit, tournaments are the way to go, albeit one stake at a time.

If this read has cleared your doubts, let’s dive into an online poker site that could offer you the best possible experience in this field. PokerBaazi, one of India’s leading online poker rooms has arranged some interesting set of tournaments for the likes of beginners who are just getting started.

We will leave you with a couple of online poker tournaments so that you can have your grind on starting today.


All the best!

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