Perks of Installing Business Phone Systems

Business phone systems are multi-line phone connections designed to meet the specific communication needs of businesses. Calls made within a business are routed through the business phone system to both the inbound and outbound lines. Orlando Business telephone systems are capable of handling a high call volume and offer features that facilitate efficient call management.

Multiple Kinds of Business Phone Systems

1. VoIP Business Phone Systems

The Internet Protocol or VoIP phone system uses the IP network for voice communication along with other multimedia communication on the Internet. Communication data is transmitted and received via packet-switched telephony over the internet, significantly reducing call prices. These phone systems are further classified into:

  • Cloud VoIP Phone Services: Such business telephone services are run through servers and software on the cloud and do not require any hardware equipment to be set up during the installation process. It only requires the users to have access to IP-enabled devices to initiate communication through calls, meetings, messaging, etc. Cloud VoIP phone systems are much easier to set up and maintain as compared to their counterparts.
  • On-Premises VoIP Phone Services: As opposed to Cloud VoIP telephone service system, this business phone service requires extensive infrastructure, is expensive, and is heavy. Although here too the communication signals are carried over the internet, the service involves installation costs for required equipment within the organizational setup.

2. PBX Business Phone Systems

PBX refers to Private branch exchange business phone systems, which exercise transmission of voice signals over the Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN by making use of circuit-switched telephony. In other words, analog signals are transmitted over copper wire networks. Such phone services can be classified into:

  • Cloud PBX Phone Services: Using a cloud PBX platform, businesses can obtain a web-based telephony platform over the conventional PBX service.  Since the service provided is on the cloud, the user wouldn’t be required to set up any specific hardware for its use.  Cloud phone systems offer great flexibility and control over traditional PBX systems.
  • On-Premises PBX Phone Service: In-house PBX systems come with bulky hardware such as PBX servers and physical cabling. As a result, they share a trunk line with user’s phones within the organizational network. Although On-premises PBX phone services can be used for both internal and external communication, the lack of control and flexibility are also debilitating.

Essential Features of Business Phone Systems

Regardless of the types of business phone systems available, the goal is to facilitate accurate, reliable, and efficient communication with customers or within the business network. To mention a few features that business phone systems should have regardless of its type are:

  • Call Transfer: Transferring a call allows agents to route the call to a different agent or department as needed. This offers great control for the user to unify communication within the organization and save time to deliver or receive information.
  • Auto-Dialer: Using this feature users can reduce their time spent searching for and dialing numbers. The system can be programmed with the waiting time depending on the user’s requirements.
  • Mobile Routing: Business Phone systems have the capability to route calls, emails, etc. to the user’s mobile phone hence, offering the flexibility of work and communication methods for the business organization.
  • Interactive Voice Response: In Interactive Voice Responses, pre recorded voices interact with users in order to collect feedback or initiate any information-driven process within the organization. In addition to automating processes and increasing productivity, Phone Systems in Miami IVR can assist businesses with user service disputes as well.
  • Call Recording: There are several reasons why businesses need call recording. Business Phone Service in Orlando records every call that the user can access and share directly from the dashboard.

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