Which PDF Online Converter Tools Helps you with the Fastest Conversion Process?

Most of the students who do feel that the process of converting their PDF files or folders is not an easy task to perform, this is probably because they are not using the free online converter tools for PDF. With the help of such converter tools, whether you look to convert pdf to word or other different MS Office formats, you can easily get your required file or folder be converted in just a few minutes.

To guide you better, here we have listed down with some effective and best tools of PDF file converter programs for students and professionals:

1. Smilesoftware

Smilesoftware’s PDF converter tool is one of the most powerful ways in which you can add some texts, or signature as well as add some of your favorite images in your PDF files. It is compatible with iPhone, MAC operating system, or iPad. 

Hence through the use of this online converter, you will be making it call upon as an effective way to come up with certain changes or correct your mistakes. You do have the freedom to edit your PDF files according to your requirements.

The best thing about this online tool converter is that it is completely free of cost.  Some additional features of this tool are to draw, highlight, scribble, or correct your PDF file content. 

You can easily get your OCR text images to be converted in the editable format. Plus, you can also remove the PCR text without any hassle. It allows you to print the comments and make some notes. Use this tool for saving the frequently used text or images in your tool library.

2. 2pdf.com

2PDF.com is although a newly introduced tool of PDF conversion, but still, it has made an ultimate place among the users for the easy conversion of files and folders. It is free to use and has a friendly interface to easily work with all your PDF files. 

With the help of this tool, you can convert, split, merge as well as compress the PDF files. The best thing about this tool is that you can either convert one file at one time or can also convert bulk files at one time.

Furthermore, through the use of this tool, you can simply reduce your PDF file sizing to improve the overall quality. You can also convert your PDF to JPG or hence vice versa in just a few seconds. Plus, you can add page numbers right into your PDF or can also add a watermark in your PDF file. Add or delete the pages from your PDF file according to your convenience.

3. Xodo

As we talk about the Xodo file converter tool, you can use this tool to make some changes, do the editing and perform annotation in your PDF file or folder. It even allows you to share your PDF files on mobile, web, or computer without any hassle. 

Your overall working with the PDF files becomes so much easy and quick. Another major benefit of this tool converter is that you can use it straight away from your smartphone or tablet. Get into collaboration with others in just real-time.

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