Online Slots with Highest RTP

The gambling market is becoming the most popular source of income and joy for players all over the world. It is not a secret for everyone that online slot machines are one of the most popular activities on the market. Every platform has over 1,000 available machines. A lot of players seek the best slot machines that may bring a significant profit to them. So, some players prefer slots with high RTP so that as many bets as possible finish in winnings. Keep reading this article to find out which online slots have a high RTP and are ideal for betting.

Mathematical algorithms behind the slot machines

The main algorithms that determine the type of the game, the possible winning amounts and the jackpot size, for the slot machine are RTP and volatility rate. We recommend checking the RTP rate at all times before playing the slot machine, due to the fact that different platforms may adjust the RTP rate at their own convenience, and this measure could be treated like a trustworthiness check. The detailed information about RTP and volatility may be found below:

  • RTP (Return to the Player) determines the amount of money from the global prize pool that is distributed among the players. For example, if it is written RTP – 95 % at the slot machine description, it particularly means that 95% of the global shares of the prize pool is shared between the players, and only 5% is the revenue of the casino. This figure may reach up to 99% at certain platforms. Always pay attention to that figure;
  • Volatility rate is the mathematical value that shows the deflection of the maximum and minimum values from the average one. Practically, the volatility rate describes the stability of the game and the jackpot amount. At a high volatility rate, the players receive huge jackpots, but the game itself is quite unstable and it is hard to predict the outcome. Low volatility rate makes the game stable but the jackpot amount is meager.

Knowing the values will significantly increase your winning chances in regard to the understanding of the match and what to expect. Knowing the volatility rate allows players to choose the correct strategy of gambling, whether it is low betting or high betting.

Highest Paying Slot Machines in India (with Highest RTP)

In this section, we will list the most popular slot machines in India, and their main figures. We highly recommend playing at these slot machines, since they are really good for the players and provided by trustworthy companies that have already gained significant authority and respect in the local gambling market. The highest-paying slot machines in India are listed in the table below:

Slot namePlatform nameVolatility rateRTPDescription
X mas dropHacksaw gamingMedium level96,22 %This slot machine is extremely popular in India with the Christmas main theme. Since the winter is coming, you may have a chance to try your luck. Maybe Santa has already prepared a special gift for you.
ReactoonzPlay n goHigh level96,51 %This slot machine is a really decent one, with the high level of volatility it provides an extremely viable chance for winning a huge jackpot.
Gift rushBgamingMedium level96,7 %Slot machines provide a real gift-tush experience during gambling sessions. Players are really into this machine due to its high RTP and the medium level of volatility, we highly recommend this slot for gambling.

These were the most popular slot machines in India. These are the best ones to get in touch with the game. After getting some gambling experience, you may switch to the other machines and try your luck with them.

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