Online poker tech advances that benefit Aussie players

Regardless of whether we consider ourselves to be novices or experts, poker has consistently maintained the capacity to entertain and engage. But since this card game first became popular in American and Australian bars or saloons during the 1800s, its evolution has been quite outstanding in the realms of modern technology. If you’re looking for one of the best poker sites should be your top choice.

Literally anything is possible insofar as our choice of poker games available, thanks to smartly designed applications that captivate our desire to play, driven by technologies that continue to advance rapidly with each passing year.

But while this empowers the modern poker player, we should also moderate our eagerness, no matter how experienced we may feel when the cards are being dealt. Even the greatest players frequently admit, there’s always something new to learn.

Safety & Security First

Whenever any Australian chooses where to play poker online for real money, they need assurances regarding safety and security, prior to parting ways with their hard-earned cash. And there are various important factors that we should always consider.

These are covered in detail by expert reviewers, who recommend only the most trusted operators in the industry, guiding us towards where the best online poker experiences can be discovered:

As these reputable industry experts clearly explain, the first priority should be ensuring that any gambling operator is fully legal, able to demonstrate they have a valid gambling license. They must also protect the privacy of users and any data they submit.

The most reputable and authentic online casinos place an important emphasis on security, utilising 128-Bit SSL digital encryption as the minimum benchmark, although more is always better.

Likewise, any transactions must always be protected via genuine applications, given the best online casinos provide the safest Aussie-friendly banking options, fully integrated within their platforms for deposits and withdrawals.

Industry Leading Software

Given the massive growth of the online casino gaming industry, which now vastly exceeds the revenues of traditional bricks and mortar establishments, impressive advancements have been made insofar as the technologies in use.

Nobody wants to play online poker at laggy and sluggish websites, as this inevitably affects the fluidity of gameplay. Top-notch casinos sites have their own dedicated servers and reliable clouds, along with an emphasis on lightning fast connectivity.

Site software must also be of the highest quality, which is where leading players in the online casino industry come into play, making everything tick efficiently in the background. Many of these companies also develop the games we play, fully tested for trust and reliability.

For those who regularly enjoy online pokies (slots) and poker gaming at Aussie sites, certain gaming brands may already be familiar. Continually evolving and innovating, Microgaming pioneered the first true online casino software:

There are now hundreds of established casino gaming software providers, such as PlayTech and NetEnt, all of whom are pushing technological boundaries. Underpinning our fun, top Australian casino sites are transparent about the software brands they trust.

Changing Face of Poker

Back when Australian gambling legend and media mogul Kerry Packer was around, some believe the lack of variety and boredom fuelled his poker impulses, making him the definitive high roller:

Much more than just a traditional and popular card game, viewers became glued to their screens when the World Series of Poker was first broadcast on TV, during the late 1970s. In the 21st century, top Aussie professionals regularly feature in live shows with millions watching.

The digital age has also transformed our perceptions about poker, especially given the broadening awareness of variants available. These can range from Draw to Stud, along with intriguing Community versions like Texas hold ‘em and Omaha hold ‘em.

Quality poker sites in Australia have also introduced a wide selection of virtual settings, allowing players to imagine themselves within real-world casinos, or even exotic outdoor locations. These have advanced impressively over the last few years. Finally, incredible advances are coming before our very eyes. Over the next few years, Aussie poker players will be able to enjoy fully functional virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) applications. These are the next step in poker gaming, currently being rolled out.

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