Online Gambling Licensing Jurisdictions

Legal issues are the most noticeable and enormous problems of every casino. As is usually the case with making money, reputation means almost everything for a reputable casino. The troubles in the industry started years ago, but today the question about trusted places where you can place some of your bets.

A gaming license is the first document for every gambling enterprise. The operators that can not provide proper papers will have legal problems with the financial police soon. Of course, any gambler that has lost money during the operations of this kind of site can sue it. And people usually like to do so. In the countries with the Anglo-Saxon law system, the precedent is powerful at any court. It is also necessary for opening a merchant account for your venture. We are strongly recommending you to read about merchant and processing accounts if you are sure about your plans to work in this sphere.

The biggest issue here is that there are a lot of pretty similar casinos now. Just type something like — and you will have a fistful of variants. But not every one of them is safe and trusted. Sometimes the site is just a mockery. Or it was launched because of gambling hype after the beginning of the pandemic. And now the founders don’t know how to manage it.

Today we desperately need trusted gambling houses. A lot of newcomer brands are not real threats – they just haven’t licensed their activity yet. This process isn’t quick enough, for example, the British financial authorities. But we don’t recommend making huge investments at the sites that have not proven their stability and responsibility yet. Let’s see some simple rules and advice about the country of localization of your favorite casino.

Some licenses that can be easily obtained

The main question about licensing is the right place for the juridical installment of your precious business venture. A lot of prosperous countries do not give you credit and license for the gambling business. In Japan, there is a different corporate culture and a lot of tax levels. In the USA, one does not simply open a casino facility. First of all, not every state permits you. Sometimes the gambling itself is strictly forbidden (Utah and many counties in liberal states are not sanctioning this). And even if the legislative bodies are allowed to establish a gambling business – you should have a deal with local authorities. Yes, even for online casinos. Yes, even for online casinos.

Another problem is money. You can’t open even a virtual casino in Macau without a ton of funds. And your financial state is vital. Many of the famous gambling places are thinking about their reputation too. They can’t give some uneven brands in their rosters. So, the newcomers at that business have to find another market.

As we say above, the British law system is a nitpick’s heaven. But also, a lot of gambling houses are the residents of former British colonies or actual British overseas dominions. The reasons are simple: taxes and local rules. You can obtain the full rights of the casino’s owner for a couple of thousands of dollars and after waiting some days. Virgin and Cayman Islands, other Lesser Antilles, Mauritius, Seychelles, Cyprus are among the most popular places where the casino founder can make a license.

Online Gambling Licensing Jurisdictions

That’s why not every jurisdiction has an equal value compared to another. The most profitable and trustworthy are the licenses of the countries, which are similar to laws in the USA, UK, and EU. For example, a lot of reputable offices offer Curacao and Maltese licenses for online gambling houses. 

The Curacao license is excellent for electronic commerce because of the balance between European standards and low taxes. Curacao still has financial laws from the Netherlands. That’s why it is too easy to start playing here right from Europe. Also, it is incredibly fast to start: you need only two weeks to obtain it. Any gambling business runs under just one license, which is also very profitable.

Maltese license is even more productive for EU users. It is expensive but gives your clientele a sense of prestige. There are four types of Maltese licenses for various needs:

  • Class 1 – for casino games and lotteries (this is our interest now), 
  • Class 2 – for betting and sports predictions, 
  • Class 3 – bets with peering exchanges;
  • Class 4 – for software vendors. The casino holders don’t need it because of the software developers with a reputation as a lifelong certificate of their activity.

How to check the license properly

Every certificate is registered. You can’t trust the certificate not verified by the official government financial bodies of the residential country. Also, the license must be fresh and prolonged by the rules (if the casino worked a lot of time). Gambling houses like the Forex sites and other ventures are checking permanently for the lack of some details.

The vivid criteria are software. Try to stand with familiar vendors that have a decent reputation. They are checking the local rules and are trustworthy. Also, genuine gambling software is under strict copyright in many countries. The lawyers can’t allow a direct violation of the rights of the giants like Novomatic, NetEnt, etc.

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