Not to Lose Money When Paying for Purchases on the Internet

Shopping online is something that everyone does these days. It is all done with a little browsing and a few taps right from the apps on your smartphone. From grocery to clothes to electronics, it seems pretty convenient to just sit back and order stuff online without having to run around. You save time, money and effort by shopping online. The products get delivered at your doorstep making life easier for you.

With technology advancement, the Internet has brought us many live casino online websites, that users are intended to interact, play and invest money. Thus, it becomes important to play secure online. Things that weren’t possible before the internet era, have become possible and you have to learn about how online payments work.

You wouldn’t like someone to steal the funds that you deposited because the website isn’t secure. Especially now, that some niches like online casinos are on the rise, you have to be sure that the website you are visiting is fully legit and secured. Let’s begin.

Is it safe to make online payments? Day in and day out you must be hearing about a lot of fraudulent activities related to online payments. Is it scary to purchase products online? Getting your bank details or credit card details were stolen can be a nightmare for anybody. How can you afford to lose your hard-earned money so easily? Therefore, the main question now is – ‘How can you protect yourself from online frauds?’ By being a little careful and vigilant you can easily safeguard your money from fraudsters.

Here are tips that will help prevent you from losing money when paying for purchases made on the internet. By following them you can safeguard your money.

1) Double-check the web address

In order to find out if the online store you are shopping from is secure, you need to look at the URL box of your browser. The name of an online store will be there but you need to ensure that the web address doesn’t have stuff like ‘-sale’ or ‘-deals’ there because most often these redirect you to a fraudulent site run by scammers who they will steal your details and your money.

Whenever you have a doubt, you should check out the reviews of the online shopping site and if there have been instances of people losing their money, you shouldn’t think of shopping there.

2) Look around a little

After having checked the URL of the webshop, you simply can’t go ahead blindly. You need to look around a little and ensure that nothing is out of the ordinary on the website. Before going ahead with your shopping just see if the website is not shoddy and the prices of items are not unbelievably low.

Check for logos to get the extra assurance you need. If by any chance, the site looks fake to you, don’t shop from there.

3) Search for contact information

There are certain legal requirements that online stores need to fulfill. The company’s name, contact details, tax details, and other details need to be visible. If you are only able to see an email address or simply a chat button, something is wrong with this particular online store. Your money will not be safe and it is therefore advised that you don’t shop at such sites.

4) Read all the terms and conditions

Being an online shopper, it is your right to know all the terms and conditions. Most often we don’t read them, but it is important that you do. Online stores need to handle your personal information with care. They need to provide you with a privacy statement that clearly mentions how your details will be handled as per the legal requirements. They must have terms and conditions focused on E-commerce.

You also need to check the payment terms. Prior to making the payment, you need to check for the total amount. See if the price includes taxes, shipping charges and packing charges so that you are not overcharged.

5) Ensure that the website is secure

Even after making sure that the online shop is real, you can still land in trouble. Cybercriminals can still steal your data especially if you are providing sensitive information such as your internet banking password or credit card details. You need to be sure that the website you are using is a secured one. In the URL box, you should not see ‘http’, it should be ‘https’.

Your browser will have a padlock icon and when you click that you can see the certificate of the website. Proceed only after checking the certificate thoroughly. Fraudsters are lurking around to pounce on your bank details so that they can run away with your money.

6) Making safe payments

There are many different methods to pay online and you can choose what suits you best. Every method has its own pros and cons. Internet banking, credit cards, and debit cards are used for making payments online. Most often you will be redirected to your bank’s site for making the payment.

Then there is PayPal that provides you an assurance of the payment protection to a certain extent. Whatever it may be, it is important to save the payment confirmation you get or even better to take a printout. This way you can always tally it with your bank statement and report to your bank in case you spot any discrepancy.

7) Return if unhappy

Every online shopping website offers free returns. It is your right to return any product you have purchased online without having to state a reason. In countries like the Netherlands, the online shopper is given a thinking time of 14 days which is more like cooling off time. For example, if the dress bought online doesn’t seem to be appealing or there are size-related issues, it can be sent back.

Your money has to come back to you when you return any item. However, there are some items that cannot be returned such as perishable goods, custom-made goods, DVDs or CDs if the security seal is broken. It is important that you read the return policy for the product you are purchasing to avoid repenting later.

Do keep the above points in mind before you shop online the next time. It is better to spend some time on the website to check for its authenticity than crying for losing your money later. It is better to be safe than sorry! Double-check the privacy policy as well as the return policy. Purchase goods only from reliable sites that have good reviews. If at all some fraudulent activity occurs, you should report it to the cyber crime department immediately. GuptaFeaturedinternet,money,online purchaseShopping online is something that everyone does these days. It is all done with a little browsing and a few taps right from the apps on your smartphone. From grocery to clothes to electronics, it seems pretty convenient to just sit back and order stuff online without having to...