Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Students in 2020

Elementary, graduate, and postgraduate students use Google Chrome to browse the internet for assistance in carrying out their assignments. Chrome offers a wide range of services to students that allow them to complete their academic tasks with a lot of ease.

Chrome features different extensions that students can use to improve the quality of their writing tasks and other academic assignments. It is important to familiarize oneself with the different extensions and how they operate. As an online writing service here are some of the chrome extensions as suggested by for students in 2020.


Chrome provides students with online tools that help them to produce quality papers for their assignments. Grammarly is a chrome extension that functions to improve the quality of a student’s writing by correcting grammatical errors or mistakes. Grammarly serves to highlight the student’s grammar mistakes in their texts and provide suggestions for corrections. Students also refer to it as an auto typer chrome extension for its ability to make automatic corrections upon clicking on the writing error.

The extension is easy to install and offers different packages to students depending on their areas of need. The extension, for instance, offers a premium package that includes a plagiarism checker. Students who use the Writemyessay online services always sure that the articles they deliver have zero grammatical errors and are free from plagiarism. Also, students rely on write my term paper services to save their time on writing things.

Grammarly extension for Google Chrome

Plagiarism Checker

One of the factors that affect the quality of a student’s writing is their originality in developing of the texts. Copying other people’s work is an offense in most learning institutions that may lead to the loss of points in a given assignment. Students can also face disciplinary actions for plagiarizing other people’s work including their classmates. Plagiarism checker is a chrome extension that allows students to avoid such penalties. It is easy to use and the installation is free. The extension allows customers see that online writing service providers like PerfectEssay deliver only quality papers that are free from plagiarism.

Google Dictionary

Google dictionary is a tool students can find in the chrome extension to help them in improving their choice of words in their writing tasks. The google dictionary extension makes it easy for students to understand the meaning of words and how to use them in the text. Google dictionary is a chrome extension that provides students with the instant definition of new words or vocabulary.

The fast definition of words allows students to save time while executing their writing tasks. Students can find the definition of words by clicking the extension on the web browser and pasting the word whose meaning they want to find. The extension enhances the students’ comprehension of texts as they understand what the word implies in a given context. The extension also provides the correct spelling of words, which reduces spelling mistakes.


Time management makes for one of the concerns for students in their academic life at both the elementary and graduate. Students can benefit from this chrome extension that helps them in managing their time for carrying out learning activities. Clockify is a chrome extension that functions to help students meet their deadlines and track the time spent in executing classwork.

It allows students to keep track of how they spend their time in school activities in different durations. It is one of the best chrome extensions 2020 as it improves on students’ time management skills and increases their productivity in school. The extension provides data on time usage in different packages or intervals depending on individual preference. Students can assess their skills in time management from the data collected in a day’s work or a month.

Clockify chrome extension

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha provides a platform for research to students as it provides the works of different scholars and students for different subject areas. The search engine is one of the chrome extensions that students should as it makes it easy for them to find the information they want on a given subject.

The extension is easy to install and it makes changes on the web browser to fit the students’ academic or scholarly search profiles. The search engine chrome extension provides knowledge and information from reviewed sources. In essence, Wolfram Alpha allows to access quality information data on the areas or subjects and improves their research techniques.


Lightshot is an extension of Google’s Chrome web browser that allows students to take screenshots of the information they want from a text. Students can use the extension to capture a section of the text containing their desired information and saving it as a screenshot. Lightshot saves the screenshots as the captured images or entire pages of the text bearing the information.

The extension allows students to save time and share information with others through the links of the webpage from which they got the texts. The extension makes it easy to share information from a webpage that limits students and browsers from copying its content.

URL Saver: Save to Pocket

Writing and other learning assignments for students require the use of primary and secondary sources as references in developing and completing the tasks. Sources or documents from websites or an article from a webpage may not be allowing students to copy the content for future use. URL Saver or Save to Pocket is an extension found in the Google Chrome web browser that allows students to save the entire information contained in a webpage.

The extension functions to capture different types of data including videos and articles to save in all the devices synced to the web browser. The extension is free to use with the option of upgrading to a premium package.

World Clock: FoxClocks

The Google Chrome web browser also allows students to exchange information concerning their learning activities across continents. The world clock is one of Chrome’s add-ons that allows students to keep track of the difference in time with their international colleagues. E-Learners, for instance, use Foxclocks to manage their learning schedules. It allows students to keep track of scheduled classes and meet set deadlines for submitting assignments to their instructors.

The outlined chrome extensions function to help students in improving the quality of their writing assignments. Extensions such as Grammarly serve to help students to correct their texts to meet the set grammatical standards. The must-have chrome extensions 2020 are time-saving and increase the student’s productivity in performing their learning activities. It is crucial that you understand how to make use of chrome extensions to help you perform different writing tasks well.

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