122 Million Indians Lost Jobs due to Pandemic, These Skills can Help Them be Employed Again

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, countries have been forced to shut down its business operations and many other activities. Jobs of millions of people have been affected resulting in a high unemployment rate. Though governments are taking steps towards the road to recovery, the situation is far from being normal. People are trying hard to survive in these times of uncertainty. According to the Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy, nearly 122 million Indians lost their jobs between March and April 2020.

Reviving jobs and economies will not be an easy task for any country. While governments have to make important decisions regarding it, individuals cannot simply put their capability building on hold. They need to upskill themselves to enter the digital world and establish their career. Even before the pandemic started, many professionals felt the need to upskill themselves due to growing automation. These days, there are many companies that use automation technologies extensively. Yokogawa is among such companies, is a leading provider of Industrial Automation and Test and Measurement solutions. Upskilling could help people to join such companies.

The rising adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation in business processes installed fears of job losses among employees working in different industrial sectors. The COVID-19 pandemic heightened this need to upskill and people are looking out for ways to develop the skills of the future. As such, certifications like PMP, ITIL 4 Foundation, CISSP, CSM, and CEH are becoming popular among employees. Achieving these certifications is one of the ways that is helping professionals stay relevant in this dynamic job market.

There have been stories of many people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic taking up online courses to enter a new field. These days, eLearning is what allowing millions of students and working professionals to get access to high-quality courses of their interest and promoting their learning. Professionals who have lost jobs and looking for new opportunities can demonstrate their skills by taking up such courses.

Apart from individuals, companies can also focus on virtual live learning. Corporate training cannot be put on hold because of the pandemic. For corporates too, eLearning is the most effective way to keep their workforce engaged. They are working on some strategies and tactical steps to make virtual learning successful. Most companies are creating a learning response team, promoting online learning, introducing upskilling programs that can create value, and practicing for multiple outcomes.

The learning response team ensures that employees get training of their choice and are comfortable using virtual collaboration tools, including videoconferencing and cloud-based document sharing. Employees too can benefit from out-of-the-box learning concepts and make their work from home environment enjoyable.

When it comes to the skills that will pay off, professionals are seeking courses on AI, machine learning, digital marketing, data science, cloud computing, project management, cyber security, and web development. There is a significant increase in businesses and individuals adopting an online approach and hence a massive amount of data is being generated. So, data-related skills are specifically in high demand. Job roles like data scientists, data analysts, business intelligence engineers, and machine learning engineers are evolving rapidly and companies need professionals skilled in analyzing data to fill such job posts. In other fields like cloud computing, professionals are seeking AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure courses to get better job opportunities.

So, whatever field you are interested in, you’ll find a corresponding course in various eLearning platforms. The above-mentioned skills will not only help you get a job during this time of uncertainty but also to advance your long-term goals. The corporate sector too can reinforce the link between business outcomes and longer-term capability building by tying up with eLearning platforms.

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