Marketing Strategies of Top Brands in Every Major Industry

There is no one perfect marketing strategy that applies to every single business in every single industry. In fact, there are many variables that one needs to take into consideration when developing that perfect marketing strategy for their business. Some of this can include the industry that they’re in, what market they’re serving, what kinds of products or services they offer, and of course… budget.

However, whatever the case, there are still a lot of best practices out there with underlying principles that can practically apply to just about any kind of business structure. In this article, we are going to go over some of the best marketing and advertising strategies of the top brands.


These days, content is the king. And the more engaging your content is, the more you would be able to drive sales. This is why a lot of brands are tapping content creators to develop stories and narratives in their respective mediums to generate awareness about their brands or products. The most popular platforms are YouTube and TikTok. However, there is also an emerging market for podcasts as well. Essentially, brands are using these creative outputs as opportunities to push for their products and services. 

For crafting a compelling brand story,  it is important to start by understanding company values, mission, and target audience. Once these elements are understood, brands can craft a narrative that resonates with their audience and reflects their values.  You can use a variety of storytelling techniques, such as metaphors, humor, and relatable characters. Including real-life experiences and relatable situations in the storytelling can create a more authentic connection with the audience. By taking the time to participate in a business storytelling training program you will understand how to tell stories effectively and ensure that your brand communicates its values in a way that resonates with your audience.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a lot like storytelling except that it’s much more subtle in its approach. Essentially, the way that it works is that a lot of brands will partner with affiliates who will help market their products to their specific networks and audiences. Then, for every converted sale that that particular affiliate is able to make, then they get a cut of the revenue. It’s an easy way for brands to market their products because they only end up having to pay for actual sales conversions. 

Bonuses and Promotions

There’s a reason why a store like Costco is so keen on handing out free samples to their customers in the store. It’s because they translate so well to sales. This is a technique that a lot of brands are practising online as well. For example, so many software companies offer free versions of their apps in order to allow customers to get a taste of the actual product before buying. This is something that’s common on online gambling sites as well. In a country like India, gambling is a very popular pastime and it has been that way for so long.

This is why a lot of online casino platforms are looking to aggressively capture more users onto their platforms. A lot of Indian gambling sites do this by offering free spins or bonuses and promotions for first-time users on casino sites. That way, users get a taste of the gambling experience and it will entice them to keep on coming back to the site. 

Email Marketing

Even though email marketing is a strategy that has been around for quite a while now, it’s still incredibly impressive in the way that it converts to site traffic and even sales. This is especially true at a time where more people are spending time browsing through their email threads while working at home. This is how brands are directly able to communicate to their consumers on a more intimate and personal scale. 

Cause Marketing

These days, it’s becoming a norm for people to maintain some sense of social awareness and relevance. However, it’s not just people. This also applies to brands as well. This is why more companies are taking harder stances when it comes to championing certain social causes. For example, skincare brands are aligning themselves with women’s rights issues. A brand like Nike has been championing gender and racial equality for a long time. These are just a couple of examples, but many brands are practicing this in varying scales and degrees. 


Ultimately, there are many different paths that one can take towards the same destination. The whole point of any business is to generate revenues for the sake of sustainability. One can achieve this output through a myriad of many different ways. While there are certainly some strategies that have persisted for a very long time, there are also emerging strategies that change every single day. Marketing and advertising are very dynamic endeavours and they require a great deal of awareness and attention to detail when it comes to the trends.

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