Locked Out Of Your Phone? Here Are A Few Solutions

At least half of the world’s population owns a smartphone. As we all know, most smartphones come with security locks which you need to set with your unique pin or pattern to prevent unauthorized access.  However, it comes a time when you forget your safety code and get locked out of your phone. Getting locked out of your phone is a devastating situation that anyone else can pass through.

Getting locked out of your phone is not the end of it. You are not out of luck, and it’s not that you’ll get locked out forever. With a few hacks here and there, you will gain access to your device. While security checks differ depending on the operating system and the gadget, it is possible to gain access to your device again. Here are a few solutions you can use.

Removing iCloud Activation Lock

Most Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Apple watches, are synchronized with the iCloud. This situation means that once you get locked out of your device, you have to find ways of removing the iCloud activation lock to gain access to your device.  Therefore, you have to learn how to remove the iCloud activation lock from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple Watches if you own these devices. It is essential to go through the necessary resources to ensure your device works well again.

With the resources, you will understand how to remove the lock, things to avoid, scams to avoid, and other essential tips to take care of your Apple device. With the information, you can do the task at home without even visiting your phone technician. Due to their configuration, this might be the only way to bypass Apple devices’ security codes.

Use Google’s ‘Find my Device’ Website

More people in the world possess Google’s android devices than those who own Apple devices. This situation means that the number of people who get locked out of their android devices is enormous compared to those that own Apple devices. One way of unlocking your android device is by using Google’s “Find My Device” website.  As long as the device is locked with your Google account, you can use the approach and bypass the lock key.

However, this method works for android 7.11 Nougat and below, meaning if your phone is android 8.0 or higher, it might be tricky unlocking your phone this way. You can start by clicking on “Lock” my phone then the website will find your phone. Once you click on “lock my phone,” you will be prompted to key in a new password that locks your phone. Wait for five minutes, then put the new password on your phone, and you will unlock it.

Using Samsung’s ‘Find My Mobile’ Service

Using Samsung's 'Find My Mobile' Service

Are you using a Samsung device, either a smartphone or tablet? If so, you can use Samsung’s ‘Find My Mobile’ Service to unlock your device, especially if unlocked from accessing it. With this method, you only click on, then login in using your Samsung account to recover your password and unlock your device. However, you need to note that this method works for individuals who already set up a Samsung account on their devices.  You also have to make sure that your service provider supports this service. Otherwise, it might not work.

Once you log into your Samsung account, you can use the same procedure as Google’s ‘Find my Device’ Website to unlock your device. When this method fails to work ultimately, you will need to visit a Samsung center or technician to have your phone unlocked. Since Samsung uses the Android operating system, you can also try using Google’s ‘Find My Device’ Website to unlock the device.

Performing a Factory Reset

Performing a factory reset to your phone makes you lose all the data in your phone. While it’s one of the most painful processes to undertake, especially if you haven’t backed up your data, it’s much better than not accessing your phone. However, this method gets protected by a Factory Reset Protection and primarily works on android devices. Therefore, you have to know your Google password before attempting to factory reset your mobile device.

How does this method work? This method works depending on the device. Some devices will require switching it off before doing factory data reset, while others work when the device is on. Start by powering the smartphone off. When the screen shuts down, press and hold the volume down and power keys simultaneously until your phone vibrates – you will then get the androids bootloader menu and then click on the recovery mode to reset your phone to factory settings.

In most cases, this method wipes all your data on the phone. So ensure your essential data gets backed up when doing this procedure unless you won’t mind losing your data.  As discussed, most Apple devices will use only one method to recover the access – removing the iCloud activation lock. Most other methods will work on android devices. Therefore, before performing any of the tasks listed above, ensure you better understand your device’s operating system and the method’s terms and conditions to avoid losing your crucial data.

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