Learn the Details of React Training Online Course

Developing Single Page Applications can now be very handy to any individual if a proper training course can be taken. But, before taking up the course, everything that you need to know about it is available here. You can get information about React Training which can help you to learn React and Redux with new features to develop these applications.

About Online Training

The React Training Online course helps you to learn Redux and React with various new features like context, portals, hooks, error-boundaries, etc. It provides an individual with:

  • An Instructor-led training system for 24 hours
  • Work on assignments and projects with mentors
  • Operate, learn, experience, and master components, Routing, JSX, Hooks, State management, and other aspects.
  • Developing internet applications utilizing Redux and React.

Why individuals must learn?

Over time, React has become an efficient and most popular JavaScript front-end library. It has been developed in the Facebook labs and has aided in curating different apps with more robustness, ease, and scalability. Due to this reason, organizations have now shown much interest in utilizing React and are having a huge demand for React developers and experts.

What individuals will learn?

React Training Online course will teach individuals the process of using ReactJS while developing single-page applications. Other things that individuals will get to learn include:

  • Difference between – Single Page React application & Traditional Web Development Frameworks
  • New language features of ES6 using Codes
  • Learn to develop an application utilizing the latest version of React from scratch.
  • Gain an understanding of the advantages of unidirectional data flow& code splitting
  • Learn; understand the process of utilizing React Router, Redux-Saga, Redux, and other libraries.
  • Utilizing Redux-Saga to create Redux middleware.
  • For better debugging, taking advantage of redux and react dev tools.
  • To reduce load times initially and gain SEO benefits – implementation of server-side is rendered.
  • Process of creating, building, and deploying- react applications to the cloud
  • Complete hands-on training with React 16.8.
  • Understand advantages of universal react, bundling process, application of optimizations into the building of create-react-app and test react applications with enzyme & jest.

Prerequisites Individuals need to follow:

  • Applicants must have basic knowledge of HTML & CSS skills
  • Have intermediate JavaScript skills
  • Need to have system requirements with:
    • Windows 8 or 10 OS, Ubuntu >= 16, MAC OS >= 10 or any latest version of Linux flavors;
    • 10 GB free space
    • 4 GB RAM.
  • Permissions for:
    • Access of Internet to NPM ecosystem; 
    • Privileges to install nodejs modules sysstem
  • Required installation:
    • npm & nodejs
    • For writing code: Visual studio code IDE
    • For debugging: Latest Chrome browser

Who can attend this?

  • Candidates who want to learn – client-side web development & apply them on large web apps.
  • Applicants who want to use React – in building scalable & robust SPAs
  • Individuals who aspire to – career in front-end Web Application development.

So, as you have now gained knowledge of every bit of React Training Online Course, you can get your hands on these learning sessions by enrolling in this course. This curriculum will bring more career opportunities at par with much experience in using the latest advancements in the field.

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