Is Mobilforsikring Right for You

Mobile devices are a considerable investment nowadays depending on the features and their functionality or capacity. Many people use these not only for personal reasons but often professionally making them invaluable. Unfortunately, the devices are a target for theft. 

Plus, because we take them everywhere, they can be lost or damaged in the blink, especially if you’re prone to accidents. Fortunately, you can save much cost and time by investing in mobilforsikring or mobile insurance.  

While it’s an added expense to your monthly obligations, when the screen cracks or the phone gets wet, you have recourse instead of automatically getting a new device, much more expensive than paying insurance costs leading to fixing your mobile.  

Often, many of us come to cherish our phone and don’t want to start over with something unfamiliar when we have it set up the way we like it, with all necessary details, files, and work set up in a comfortable and easy format.  

No one wants to start fresh with a new system or relearn a different way of doing things. Some people will work with a cracked screen as long as possible to avoid having to change their phone, now since insurance is available, more people are investing in the choice. 

Why Do You Need Mobile Phone Insurance

Most people carry their mobile phones everywhere. It’s almost a fixture particularly if you use it for personal and professional purposes which many people nowadays do. It’s like a mini laptop with its many capabilities and features. 

The downside is it’s prone to damage and accidents with its small size. Most people always have their phones in one hand.  

Trying to juggle many things while maintaining hold of the device can be challenging, usually resulting in an accident whether you drop it on the ground, shut it in a car door (guilty), or spill something on it. A cracked screen is inevitable with a smartphone even when you have a good case. 

That makes mobile insurance not only a good investment but essential, considering the costs for the devices, the value of the information contained in them, and the potential for theft and loss. 

Insurance is an added expense, but safeguards against what is invariable come with that cost. Click to learn if smartphone is worth the purchase. 

Here are reasons to invest in mobile insurance for the benefit of your device and sensitive details.  

The investment in mobile insurance is cost-efficient. 

When you decide to buy mobile insurance, the investment is a wise, cost-efficient choice considering the possibility of having to purchase a new device if yours is stolen or lost. The expense for a new phone can be exorbitant while insurance can support that loss. 

Everyone carries their phone in their hand leading them to the chance of it slipping through their fingers and every possibility for a massive crack when it strikes the floor. That can mean hundreds of dollars flying out the window.  

The money is not only a total loss, but you must figure out how to replace the phone. That isn’t the case when you have insurance.  

Many people believe they’re saving money by avoiding insurance when offered the choice with a purchase, but how many times do you have the chance of breaking the screen or losing the phone?  

If you can say never, you’re fantastic and organized but most people on the planet can’t say that with insurance being able to pay for itself. 

The phone case does not offer sufficient protection. 

A bulky phone case is not sufficient protection against the potential for a cracked screen. Many owners have seen screen protectors that didn’t protect their screens from damage because they offer minimal protection.  

It requires considerable cost to be able to protect a device using “aftermarket products.” The product would need superior protection and cushioning as a screen protector. Grit, dust, and particles of any substantial nature will go the distance against a thin layer of plastic protection.  

Sharp objects, dropping the device on a rigid surface will damage the screen and the components regardless of how bulky the case is or how heavy the layer of plastic is for the screen protector. That’s especially true if you shut the phone in a car door (again – guilty.) 

The mobile insurance claims should be relatively straightforward. 

In any industry you’ll find there are sour grapes that ruin the batch. In saying that, insurance carriers have been given the reputation of being unwilling to pay claims. Still, the reality is that many carriers are more than willing to help with easy and transparent processes. 

The only requirement with insurance providers is that they’re presented with an authentic claim. If you’re diligent in keeping detailed documentation like the details of the accident, where you lost the phone or it was stolen, or how the accident occurred, the claim should have minimal difficulty. 

With technological advances, the processes for filing are much more straightforward with support centers having access worldwide. Most log in on a website for the greatest simplicity. 

Replacing the mobile is an expensive option. 

When replacing a smartphone, a top-of-the-line model can cost as much as thousands of dollars. It can mean a higher cost for those paying monthly installments with a carrier.  

That can mean finding funds to pay for a new phone and still trying to repay the debt for the broken mobile. No one wants to be in that situation. With insurance for mobile devices, that circumstance can be entirely avoided. 

Repairs are not always reliable.  

It’s suggested that governing bodies don’t exist to offer regulations for repair and sale of mobile devices allowing these to be available in great volume in many cities in virtually all shopping districts whether the repair shop has experience or not.   

There’s no guarantee that the components could be of high quality or not, but the price point is exorbitant regardless of the fact that it can take as little as a few minutes to perform the job. If you continue to need repairs, particularly if you’re accident-prone, it can mean a lot of money. 

If you have insurance, you will save considerably plus the repairs will be of higher quality with an adequate service provider. 

Peace of mind provided with mobile insurance. 

No one wants to worry about dropping their mobile after spending an exorbitant amount on the device. With smartphone insurance, you can enjoy your mobile with peace of mind that you’ll have a resource if something were to happen.  

It’s really inevitable that a phone will be dropped, something will spill on it, it will get stuck in a door, or knocked off a table. You always have it with you, making it susceptible to damage.  

With insurance you can carry the device along when you go on holiday with little fear if you lose it on the plane or drop it in the water while lounging poolside. 

The priority is to keep adequate records, so if you need to submit an insurance claim, the details are sufficient so a claim can be paid with little hassle.  

The goal of the insurance carrier is to handle the claims efficiently and swiftly for the claimant. Contrary to popular belief, these carriers don’t avoid repayment of claims. 

Claims are inevitable. 

People insure most everything valuable, including their home, car, and any asset; it would make sense to ensure a mobile device, which is also considered a valuable and considerably costly asset, one that can be readily and easily damaged, lost, or stolen. It’s also one that most people carry with them almost constantly. 

Accidents happen whether on the job, in a personal situation and these devices are not indestructible. The screens will crack under virtually any circumstance. If they fall to the ground, if the screen doesn’t break, there can be functional problems. 

If you spill a drink or drop it in the sink or tub, there can be irrevocable damage. Leaving it lying on a table, while you step away exposes it for theft or putting it down in a dressing room while trying on clothes can mean forgetting about it and losing it. 

So many scenarios exist as to why insurance coverage makes sense to avoid paying for an old phone you no longer have while buying a new phone to sustain your personal and professional life. 

Should you get mobile phone insurance? The better question is why you would have a mobile phone without having coverage for the device. 

Final Thought 

Damages, defects, a cracked screen, there’s so much potential damage that can occur with a mobile phone primarily because these devices are essentially carried everywhere we go, always one in our hand at all times, whether for personal or professional business or both. 

With this type of usage there’s bound to be an accident. Considering the cost of these phones, insurance only makes sense in the same vein as any other valuable asset. Why wouldn’t you have coverage for a costly piece of equipment?

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