Is it worth going after a Slot Jackpot Online?

Ah that sweet smell of a jackpot. We have all felt it, chasing that illustrious jackpot moment. there really is nothing quite like it. However, some people question whether it makes financial sense to go for the jackpots.

Your chances of winning against the risks they present, forces people to be concerned about the logistics of trying their hand at winning big. What then, are the risks, and what should people be aware of when trying to strike gold. We have compiled together a number of factors for you to consider and help you make your own decision.

Progressive Slots

In recent years, progressive online slots have become the holy grail when you are hoping to win. To make it clear, here is an example of how they work:

  • 95% RTP
  • Jackpot starting value of £10,000 and ending at £1,000,000
  • RTP is now 105%
  • You bet £1 per spin
  • In this case, you are essentially gaining 5 pence every spin.

What to Consider with Jackpots

Here we have compiled a list, to give you some ideas of what to consider when you want to go for that juicy slot jackpot.

  1. Read the rules – This seems obvious, but it is too important to not include. Technology is advancing so rapidly, that online slots are able to become far more complicated than they ever used to be. Therefore, reading the rules can give you that edge and be the difference between a win or being left not having any clue what is going on.
  2. Your Budget Decides – You need to know how much a slot needs you to bet to be eligible for the jackpots. If your budget does not allow for you to meet this, then play another slot. There is nothing worse than almost getting to that jackpot, but not having enough to play.
  3. When was the Jackpot Last Won? – Theoretically, the longer it has been since the jackpot was won, the more likely someone is going to win it. Keep this in mind.
  4. Play the Big Jackpots – When a progressive jackpot gets big, more players want a chance at winning it, this means more spins. This is a common tactic amongst the big shots of the gaming scene.
  5. Choose the right provider – Choosing the right provider for you is key. Some you will be able to play with only a small bet, but some will be more complicated. Do your research and find out what will work for your betting style.
  6. Consider the Paylines – Maximum betting is the easiest way to snap up those massive wins, but of course, it is also how you can lose most of your money. Make a decision, do you want to go for big bets, or smaller ones?

To Play or Not to Play

That really is the question. Ultimately, every player has to make their own decision whether they are going to play for a jackpot or not. As long as you read the list above and properly consider your options, the main thing then is to just enjoy your time at the slots.

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