Improve Delivery Times with Fleet Tracking

With most businesses moving online, the issue of delivery time has become critical to customers. Most of them are demanding next-day delivery while others want same-day delivery. Businesses have adopted measures to meet these expectations and have driven the competition a notch higher. From a study conducted, it was observed that 74% of customers are highly likely to do repeat business with companies that have rapid delivery services.

So, how can businesses use fleet tracking to improve delivery times to withstand the brutal competition and meet customers’ expectations?

Better route planning

Delivery trucks can spend many hours on the road due to traffic slowdowns and other issues like road blockages and poor weather conditions. However, the vehicles can avoid these delays by relying on fleet tracking technologies and others.

Typically, the fleet trackers can provide the real-time map of the area that the truck will be covering. As such, the issues that can cause delays can be identified in advance, thus avoiding spending a longer than necessary by coming up with the most efficient route.

The delivery vehicles can bypass all the avoidable interruptions, thus greatly improving the time it takes to get to the customer and save on fuel. The savings realized can be passed to customers in terms of lower costs and benefit the company by assisting it in withstanding competition and selling more.

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Quick response

Using GPS trackers, fleet managers can tell with certainty the precise location of each vehicle. It is, therefore, possible to dispatch the nearest car to respond to customers’ issues without any delay. This eliminates relying on cars that are far away, and at the same time, the best route can be used to meet the customers’ demands more satisfactorily.

Furthermore, the fleet trackers can be employed to give customers accurate information on the delivery process and duration. This makes it possible to notify the customer of any delay or issues on the route to their premises. Customers can also follow the vehicle online with their merchandise throughout the journey and be well-informed.

Timely vehicle maintenance

Vehicle breakdowns while delivering goods can lead to delays and loss of trust from the customer. Besides that, it causes losses due to idle labor hours and higher repair costs when the vehicle is already in a bad state. Having fleet tracking technology on your delivery vans can help you to stay on top of your vehicle maintenance. The systems can send alerts to remind you about service dates and other vehicle practices. That way, your automobiles will never miss any scheduled maintenance and will always be in a good state, thus reducing the chances of breakdowns.

Fleet tracking is crucial when it comes to ensuring timely delivery, as you can see from the above discussion. It helps to have on-time delivery through proper route planning, quick response to customer needs, and timely maintenance of vehicles. Moreover, it ensures that drivers are responsible while on the road, thus reducing accidents that may cause delays.

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