Hublot Big Bang Watch Collections and How They Started

Hublot is a famous and well-known Swiss luxury brand that campaigns about their lovely and unique watch model which is known as Big Bang. This model is inspired by combining new and innovative ideas with modern elements which boils down to the concept of the “art of fusion”.

This luxury brand was founded by Carlo Crocco and was ruled by the former CEO – Jean Claude Biver in the year 2004. The former CEO came up with this collection with the help of his wide imagination.

New Hublot Big Bang Watches and Designs

Hublot Big Bang offers a variety of watch designs which ranges from ¥1,499,800 up to ¥6,111,009. The watch designs are widely flexible and gender-neutral so anyone can wear and flex them anytime and anywhere.  The brand also provides a wide variety of colours which makes it less difficult to pair with different attires.

Hublot also released a number of new designs of Big Bang watch that everyone can enjoy. The new pieces depict the characteristics and creativity of the brand. However, due to high demand, most of the products are already sold out. Customers can avail the products by keeping up with the updates on their website.

Modern taste and iconic designs were met by the watchmakers since they used unique techniques to create exemplary pieces. Exposing the screws and rubber straps were not the only things that scream elegance but also the encapsulating of the round bezel around the watch.

Hublot Big Bang’s Premier Invention

Hublot came up with a plan where they use unlikely materials to create big bang watches. Eventually, after much innovation, they came up with their premier invention which is also known as “Magic Gold”. The name was coined due to the fact that the material that was used was an 18-karat scratchproof gold alloy.

The colours provided were also very distinctive and ingenious compared to the other pieces. Some of the fun and bright colours in this collection are pink, red and blue which makes these watches kid-friendly. The brand is not only meant for professionals but also for children.

Other Types of Hublot Watch Collection

Hublot not only offers Big Bang models but as well as other collections such as MDM, Classic Fusion, and Spirit of Big Bang. Hublot MDM and Classic Fusion were founded by Carlo Crocco and were both established in Nyon, Switzerland in 1980.

Carlo Crocco was a watchmaker from Italy and formerly worked in Breil Watch Company which he eventually left. He then started creating his watch design where planning and assembling his timepieces took him about 3 years. After 3 years of hard work, he eventually launched his very first watch design.

Hublot MDM Watch Collection

Hublot MDM is designed to have a precious metal case and was attached to a natural rubber strap which sold over $2M worth of pieces despite the stiff competition it had in the past. It is also unique among others since it consists of a porthole shape hence the name, “Hublot” which is a french term for the word.

After selling almost over $2M worth of pieces, Hublot MDM finally came up with a new design after 2 years. It was created for divers and was called the “Diver’s Watch”. This was inspired by the classic design of Hublot and was attached to rubber straps.

Hublot Classic Fusion Watch Collection

Classic Fusion, on the other hand, is known for its elegant and modern look which is famous among professionals. The designs are also intended to fit both men and women. Colours are also neutral and range from black, silver, rose gold and dark green.

Unique materials were used for these pieces such as rare metals and alloys. It was not only famous for its elegant and modern look but also the collection portrays strong characteristics and exquisite designs where gold and rubber strap are combined.

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Watch Collection

Spirit of Big Bang is an evolution of Hublot’s Big Bang collection. This design is enclosed by a barrel-shaped case which brings together the modern aesthetic look of the piece. Different materials are used in creating these timepieces which are titanium, ceramics, King Gold, rubber and alligator leather.


Hublot is a very wide watch company which offers a variety of styles which can fit the different tastes and styles of people. This company is famous among various personalities since they can see the creativity and effort the watchmakers put into their pieces. They also get their money’s worth since the quality of the materials used are ensured by the creators.

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