How to Write a Creative College Application Essay

If you’re done with high school or perhaps you‘re in your final year, you might be considering going to college to further your education. However, there are a few academic requirements you might need to fulfill; an application essay is one of them. Colleges generally don’t admit everyone that applies, so it can help to differentiate your application from the crowd by being a little creative. This article discusses how to write a creative essay to help you with your college application.

6 tips on writing a Creative College Application Essay

How to Write a Creative College Application Essay

Whether you have started working on your essay or you’re about to, here are 6 tips you can apply when writing your college application essay:

1. Make sure you read the instructions carefully

This might seem pretty obvious to some, but many students skim through the assignment fast and might end up missing some important details. Most application essays are around 500 words, but this can vary depending on the college you are applying to. If you fail to follow the guidelines put in place by the college you’re applying to, it might give the college the impression you don’t pay attention to their rules. This can negatively affect your application, so you should always double-check the requirements.

2. Start out with a clear plan

As most essays have word limits you have to work with, it becomes clear you won’t be able to cover your entire life history in one essay. In order to improve your chances of getting into college, you might want to be strategic with your application. For you to do this, you’ll want to be precise with your essay content. Plan ahead before you start writing the things you’d like to include in your essay. This will save you time and allow you to note if you are going off-topic at any point.

3. Start with a good introduction

Most admission reviewers will be going through hundreds of applications, so they usually don’t have that much time to spend on a single applicant’s essay. Because of this, you might want to consider making your introduction as interesting as possible. This is likely to encourage the reader to continue and keep them engaged.

4. Avoid using cliché phrases

When looking to start your application essay, you might be tempted to copy some points from the essays you find online. This won’t be a good idea because admission officers go through copious applications each year, so if you copy someone’s ideas they might find your essay uninspired or even plagiarized. This wouldn’t be great, so you should try your best and use original points in your essay to allow it to stand out. If you are having a problem with this, you can easily find quick essay help online — they’re reliable, and they consistently produce quality essays as a result of their experienced team of writers. If you hire a professional, you also needn’t worry about any plagiarism claims.

5. Back up your ideas with good examples

When writing your essay, you don’t want to just be stating facts without providing supporting information. Your essay is an opportunity for the admission committee to get an idea of how your mind works. You should use this opportunity wisely by providing extra information such as some personal experiences that motivate you, what you learned from those experiences, and how they have shaped your mindset now.

6. Ask friends and family for feedback

This is a very important step. Before submitting your application, you’ll want to take out time to proofread your essay to make sure there are no grammatical errors. You might choose to hire a writer to do this for you, or you might ask family or friends. Also, you might want to get others’ opinions on the content of your essay. People who know you might be able to offer advice on possibly how the content of your essay might be delivered.


College is a big decision for most people. By attending college, people get to focus on academic achievements, obtain new knowledge, or even start their future careers. The process of getting into college can be very competitive, though, so you’ll want to do your best to stand out from the crowd. Hopefully, this article has provided you with tips you can apply to your own essay to make it pop!

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