How to Track Your Spouse’s Phone Without Their Knowledge

‍In any relationship, trust is crucial. However, there may be instances where you feel the need to ensure your partner’s honesty and faithfulness. While open communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship, sometimes you may find it necessary to track your spouse’s phone discreetly. In this article, we will explore different methods and techniques to track your spouse’s phone without their knowledge.

The Most Reliable Way: Phone Monitoring Apps

Phone monitoring apps have become the most reliable and effective method to track someone’s phone without their knowledge. These apps offer comprehensive tracking capabilities and allow you to monitor your spouse’s activities remotely. The best part is that they work regardless of how far you are from your partner, making it easier than ever to track their phone discreetly.

FlexiSpy App – Secretly Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

FlexiSpy is considered one of the best apps for secretly tracking a cell phone’s location without even touching or installing an app on the target phone. It has received positive reviews from users and offers excellent customer support. To track your spouse’s phone using FlexiSpy, follow these steps:

  • Download the FlexiSpy app for Android or iPhone from their official website.
  • Install the app on the target phone and enter the license key received via email during the installation process.
  • After the installation, log in to the FlexiSpy website using your credentials to access all the tracked data from your partner’s phone.

FlexiSpy Dashboard

Spyic – The Best Undetectable Phone Surveillance App

Spyic is another powerful phone tracking app that works on both iOS and Android smartphones. It is trusted by millions of users worldwide and offers a wide range of tracking features. With Spyic, you can discreetly track your spouse’s phone and monitor their activities without them knowing.

Unique Tracking Features of Spyic

Spyic offers a range of unique tracking features that make it one of the best phone surveillance apps on the market:

  • Location Tracking: With Spyic’s GPS tracking capabilities, you can find out the real-time location of your spouse at any moment.
  • Text Message Tracking: Spyic allows you to intercept and view all sent and received text messages on your spouse’s phone, even if they are deleted.
  • Call Log Tracking: You can access detailed call logs, including numbers, duration, and timestamps, to see who your spouse has been in contact with.
  • Online Activity Monitoring: Spyic lets you track your spouse’s web browsing history, including visited websites and bookmarked addresses.
  • Messaging App Tracking: You can monitor your spouse’s social media and messaging app activities, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and more.
  • Access Multimedia Files: Spyic allows you to view all the photos and videos stored on your spouse’s phone.

How to Track Your Spouse’s Phone Using Spyic

To track your spouse’s phone discreetly using Spyic, follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up for a Spyic account on their official website.
  • Install the Spyic app on your spouse’s Android phone or provide their iCloud credentials for iPhone tracking.
  • After the setup, log in to your Spyic dashboard to view all the tracked data, including location, messages, calls, and more.

Spyic Dashboard

Cocospy Tracking App – Track a Phone Number for Free

Cocospy is another excellent app that allows you to track your spouse’s phone. It supports both Android and iOS devices and offers a user-friendly interface. Here’s how you can use Cocospy to track your spouse’s phone:

  • Download and install the Cocospy app on your spouse’s phone.
  • After installation, log in to your Cocospy web account to access all the tracking information, including calls, messages, and location.

Bonus: Glympse App – Track Phone Location and Social Media Activities

Glympse is a popular phone tracking app that offers various tracking capabilities, including tracking phone location and monitoring social media activities. While the basic version lacks advanced features, the premium version allows for more comprehensive tracking. To track your spouse’s phone using Glympse:

  • Download and install the Glympse app on your spouse’s phone.
  • Specify the time and contact number to automatically receive the live location of the target phone.


Tracking your spouse’s phone without their knowledge should be approached with caution and used only when absolutely necessary. Phone monitoring apps like FlexiSpy, Spyic, Cocospy, and Glympse offer powerful tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor your spouse’s activities discreetly. It is important to remember that trust and open communication are the pillars of a healthy relationship, and tracking should only be used as a last resort.

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