How To Set Up An Essay

A characteristic feature of the essay is its language. The text of this kind of work must be different, expressive, emotional. However, it is necessary to remember another subtlety – the text must convey the psychological features of the writer, so do not try to use overly barbaric artistic means, if the author is completely alien. It is better to convey your thoughts in the essay by means of short, clear propositions, different in terms of emotion and purpose of expression.

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  • The Plural Dictionary defines the concept of “essay” as a small novel, which belongs to the prose genre and is not limited to the literary form. The structure can be different, but the goal remains the same: to express the views of the author on a certain issue, to record his thoughts about this or that problem. All by no means claims to an exhaustive, scientifically accurate presentation of the topic. The structure of the essay is based on these features.
  • This means that all the thoughts that the author wants to express in his work must be in the form of short theses. We suggest that the thesis is a statement of the author’s opinion, which must be supported by arguments. Simply put, the thesis can be said to be a very short summary of a more extensive work (e.g., an essay or an essay).

Structure of the essay

  • Depending on the specificity of the discipline, the structure of the course may vary significantly. This can be an analysis of data on the investigated issue, analysis of materials from mass media, selection and detailed analysis of applications that illustrate the problem.
  • The structure of the essay also takes into account that the works of this genre necessarily have an introduction and a conclusion. The first introduces the concern, the second summarizes everything said in the work.
  • It is natural that each thesis and each of its proofs has to start from a new row, and the ideas presented are formed into completed paragraphs, logically connected with each other.

Graphical structure of the essay

Thus, the graphical structure of the essay will look like this:

  • Introduction, which indicates the themes of the essay.
  • Thesis 1.
  • Proposition 1, Proposition 2.
  • Thesis 2.
  • Thesis 3, conclusion 4.
  • Conclusion.

Be subjective – is it OK?

If the author writes in the genre of essay, he or she can be subjective, focus on the particular rather than the main, express his or her own opinions. Writing an essay is a creative activity … The basis of the essay – the author’s thoughts on something he has seen, read or experienced. The author expresses his personal views, tells the reader about his feelings, ideas or moral values.

Hack for good essay

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General sighs of the essay

An excellent essay can be written by someone who has a good command of the subject, sees it from different the laconic essays can be written by someone who has a good command of the subject and sees it from different angles and is ready to give the reader a lavishly versatile view of the phenomenon that has become the focal point of the writer is ready to present to the reader a lavishly detailed view of the phenomenon that has become the focal point of his thoughts.

The writing of the essay allows us to reveal and to demonstrate his individuality, his personality. But, even despite the diversity of species, there are a number of common features of the essay:

  • The topic is always specific. An essay cannot contain a lot of topics or ideas. It reflects only one option and develops it. Intentionality is a philosophical notion that means for the author to be conjugate to the examination of the theme, can be the subject and not the others.
  • The topic can be the beginning of the author’s thoughts to the disclosure in the theme
  • The construction of the whole is a response to the set task of the theme, which is based on the classical system of proofs.
  • The essay is characterized by an individual author’s style of writing with respect to the specified plan and the possibility of a manifestation of the author’s original composition. The author’s point of view must be vividly expressed. This allows the reader to feel the author’s personality, the consistency of his or her position, and his or her style of speech.
  • A confident style of communicating with the reader. To create this style the author uses the means of artistic expression (epithets, metaphors, comparisons, rhetoric, etc.).
  • A small amount of work, which consists of three to seven pages of text.

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