How To Play Video Poker Slots On Your Phone

Video poker grants punters the opportunity to enjoy the thrilling effect associated with regular poker, without having to face off against each other. Compared to classic poker, gamblers are paired together with a computer instead of having to compete with another human.

As a result of the advancement in technology, you do not have to walk or drive miles away from wherever you are, just to locate a land-based casino. Poker games can now be enjoyed at the convenience of your home through either your smartphone or your tablet, as they are the handiest way of playing video poker.

Here are ways to play video poker on your phone:

Video Poker Classic

A couple of mobile casinos tend to always want to stimulate the idea of gambling at a physical casino, in order to get players in the right game settings. When it comes to the true-blue classic casino, there is literally no game that can compete with it. Video Poker Classic takes the basic idea of an older poker machine and upgrades it for a new set of punters.

The team working on the Video Poker Classic are highly dedicated to creating a whole new casino experience, from the sound effects from various casinos around the world, to the shuffling of cards, and also to the jackpot sound effect.

Video Poker Classic also enables punters to pick from a variety of about 39 video poker games. It supports playing the game offline, gives out bonus coins every 2 hours, provides a weekly tournament, and has a training mode available for new users. However, there are absolutely no options that enable you to play for real cash, and the slightly buggy sounds can be a little displeasing.

Wild Casino

It is no new thing now that cryptocurrencies are taking a big stance in the world today. Wild Casino now accepts various cryptocurrencies as a method of deposit. They have decided to make way for new developments in the gaming industry. Cryptos such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and even Bitcoins are among the various coins Wild Casino accepts from punters. Also, wild casinos reward punters who make use of cryptocurrencies to make deposits.

Due to the fact that the site accepts payment in cryptocurrencies, there are only two video poker options that are made available: Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better. Considering these facts, I would say that the Wild Casino is an amazing online casino. Also, for punters who have the ability to refer others to join, there are also referral bonuses made available for them. Since the casino is RNG verified, it puts punters’ minds at ease that they cannot be scammed.

Video Poker – Classic Casino Games Offline

For those familiar with the classic color scheme of the older video poker machines, the video poker – classic casino games offline would be the best option for you to consider.

This game grants you the opportunity to play and enjoy about 15 different video poker game modes, ranging from Jack or Better, Aces and Faces, and all the way to Deuces Wild. Upon signing up as a new player, you will be given a bonus of 2000 free coins in order to help get familiar with the game.

Also, there are chances available for users to gain more tokens. This can be achieved by spinning the bonus wheel.

While active members are also rewarded with gold membership, in which they too are open to certain benefits, the game does not stop you from entertaining yourself even when on the move, as it can be played freely anytime and anywhere you want to without any form of restriction.

However, real money cannot be earned while playing the game, and some punters have also been complaining about game bugs affecting the game. And finally, punters are required to use real money to purchase in-game coins.

Bovada Casino

When going through the Bovada casino, there are about 10 variations of video poker to select from, such as Joker Poker, Bonus Deuces Wild, and Jacks or Better.

Out of them all, the most considerable one is the Jack and Better, as it offers a maximum payout of 99.54%, which is different from other points and rewards that can also be gotten. Just like the Wild Casino, they also accept deposits with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, and USDT.

Also, Bovada does not accept any extra charges for deposits made in cryptocurrencies. By making use of Bovada Casino, you are going to be offered a 10% welcome bonus. Check it out here:

However, they do not have any reservations for VIP packages, and also, punters in the US can only withdraw using paper checks. Though, if you play with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash you can withdraw without fees, so this would be the most convenient way to play.


There are various interesting and entertaining video poker apps to consider. You should make thorough research to check which of these games offer better payouts.

Nowadays, playing with crypto is more efficient, as you will have no deposit fees and the legislation is still scarce. Check the different games we mentioned and wage responsibly.

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