How to Play Real Money Teen Patti Online?

Teen Patti (also known as Three Patti, or Three Cards) is one of the most popular gambling games played in India, though its popularity has ensured it spreads to casinos all over South Asia, and even more broadly, the world. The game was derived from the English card game, three-card brag, and is also heavily influenced by poker. It is by far the most popular gambling game in India, and is closely related to Hindu celebrations and holidays.

The popularity of the game has ensured that numerous online casinos embrace it, in an attempt to cater to a broader audience, especially players from the southern regions of Asia. A large number of online casinos like those found on, now feature Teen patti as a playable game for both real money and free play.

What is Teen Patti?

As was said previously, Teen patti is an Indian card game, heavily inspired by three-card brag and poker. It is played with a standard 52-card deck (though some versions include the two jokers as well). Each player is dealt three cards, and, similar to poker, the goal of the players is to collect a certain sequence of cards which have a certain ranking within the game. The highest-ranking hand is three of a kind (or trio), and the strongest trio is the three aces.

How to Bet on Teen Patti?

The 3 patti play online games works very similarly to poker. A pot is placed on the table and most games, usually, require an entry fee. From there, players can either call or raise an opponent’s bet, or they can place blind bets, which refers to the practice of placing bets before the cards have been dealt.

Certain Teen Patti games also have limits imposed on them, which usually have to do with the number of players that can participate, or the minimum/maximum amount of money a player is required to bet. Most games implement a fixed-limit structure, where the maximum raise can’t exceed the last bet. 3

How Can You Play Teen Patti Online?

Teen Patti has been getting more and more popular on online casino websites. Most of these websites can be easily reached, as long as the user has an electronic device with access to the internet.

A vast majority of these websites offer welcome bonuses, as well as various other bonus offers, making playing Teen Patti online easier and more interesting than ever.

Another interesting option that casino sites offer is the ability to bet on Teen Patti games which are being streamed. This is a great way to learn more about the game before you start to play it yourself.

Is it Legal to Play Teen Patti Online in India?

While Indian law prohibits most forms of gambling, this restriction does not extend to online gambling. This means that in India, as well as most of the world, it is perfectly legal to play Teen Patti, and casino games in general, online. So, if you are interested in starting your Teen Patti journey, going the online route is a great option.

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