How to Increase Your Reach on Instagram using SEO

Instagram is growing every day, it has more than a billion active users every month, which makes it the perfect platform to promote our brand or business, so why not take advantage of this social network and make ourselves known through some SEO strategies on Instagram?

Although for many it sounds strange to talk about SEO on this social network and do not believe it is possible, believe me, it does exist, and you can achieve a lot if you optimise it and work in the right way. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with your brands and don’t hesitate to use SEO for Instagram.

Many ignore SEO for social networks, but why not take advantage of its benefits, and without it it is impossible for search engines like Google to locate and position them as they should. So to answer the question, is it possible to do SEO on Instagram? Of course, it is possible

Tips, tricks and strategies for SEO on Instagram

Optimise your Instagram profile

The first thing to take into account to increase your reach on Instagram is to optimise your profile. Some tricks to achieve this are:

Make sure your profile is public.

  • Choose a good quality and colourful profile picture.
  • Choose an @Username that is recognisable and searchable.
  • Create a business name that is easily searchable.
  • Sign up for Instagram Business.
  • Include a searchable link in your bio.
  • Make sure that you get benefits from getting free Instagram likes on your uploads. That will make your profile even more engaging.

Optimise the SEO of your username.

The username is important as it works as a keyword, if you want to be at the top of your niche you need to choose the right name. For example, if the brand you work for sells sportswear, it would be good if the username is not only the brand name but also includes the word “sportswear” so that you have a better chance of ranking in the search.

Don’t forget the public name on Instagram

The Instagram name is different from the username, you need to optimise both. The Instagram name also acts as a keyword and is the one you usually see in bold in your bio.

You need to choose a keyword that is relevant or identifies well with what you sell or do and place it with the Instagram name. With this trick, they can gain traffic and will be seen more easily when querying their niche.

Use hashtags as keywords.

You need to see them as keywords as through them users can find posts and accounts. Don’t just use any hashtags, you need to do an SEO analysis of hashtags and research so that you only use words that will rank for them.

People do not search for accounts directly, but discover them through hashtags. This is why each post should contain its own hashtag strategy, to increase the chances of attracting an audience.

Don’t overdo it with hashtags, use as many as you need. Just make sure they are relevant and serve a purpose. When you post remember to announce that you have the link to your website in the bio, do not put it in the description, remember that there will be no hyperlink, it can only be linked from the bio. Additionally, with the help of IG Liker, you can get more likes to your posts, which gives authenticity to your posts and make your hashtags more interesting.

The title of the images

When you post a photo or story, you create a page on Instagram for that post where you include your name and the title of the post. This page is what search engines will crawl. Hence the importance of creating the title as a tag, which encompasses the most important information and makes it stand out.

It should be specific and contain appropriate keywords. Beware of adding too many tags as a title, because search engines will treat that post as spam and think you are doing black hat SEO.

Photos should be great

Instagram is a purely visual platform, so photos are very important. Here pictures say more than a thousand words, which means photos can help us achieve more followers and connect with the audience.

Instagram can scan every image that is uploaded to their network and find out what it is about and what it contains, this helps them to broaden their horizons and reach many more people. That’s why it’s important that your photos are clear and of high quality, don’t upload blurry or dark looking photos.

Follow, comment and share photos of others.

The idea of networking is to connect with others who share your likes and dislikes. Try to stay active on the platform by sharing and commenting on third party posts that have authority on Instagram and like and leave helpful comments on some posts that relate to your brand, this way users will be able to interact with your brand as well.

Interact with your audience

To achieve a good presence on Instagram it is essential to interact, as the feed is influenced by the different interactions they have. Replying to users, being friendly and exchanging information will make you stand out and boosts your SEO considerably.

Take advantage of Instagram stories

Stories is one of the most used functions on Instagram, with it you can upload short videos to promote special events and activities. You can post gifs, live videos, polls, pictures, etc. It is very useful for an efficient marketing strategy, always have a story that captivates the audience.

Connect with Influencers or Instagramers

This is an excellent SEO strategy that is very effective and beneficial. Contact an influencer or Instagrammer in your niche who is of weight and talk to them to share their posts. Try to reach some kind of agreement, I assure you that you will succeed. And if you don’t want to spend much, you should use the Instagram auto liker to improve your posts reach, gain more trust and optimize your profile more effectively. To conclude, Instagram is a social network that will continue to grow and which we can make the most of. We hope you find these tips and tricks useful and that you manage to increase the reach of your accounts.

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