How To Increase Followers On Instagram For Free

Instagram is the social network with the largest growth potential of all, excluding TikTok’s overbearing entry into the circle of the most used sharing platforms on the planet. Many companies are starting to approach this ecosystem in a proactive way, trying out new strategies to increase engagement, visibility and intercept new potential customers. Let’s take a look at how to increase free Instagram followers using three methods that are absolutely essential.

Grow on Instagram

This social platform, which started out as an image-sharing tool, has experienced exponential growth due to its extreme ease of use and, above all, its ability to exploit exclusively the form of visual communication. Images and videos represent an effective strategy for communicating with consumers and potential customers for a mere psychological factor.

In fact, it is statistically proven that advertising messages conveyed through an effective form of graphic communication are more impressed in the memory of consumers, unlike textual content. This is all due to the spread and increasing use of smartphones, which have almost completely diverted marketing strategies towards mobile devices. 

Instagram, the social network of images, videos and hashtags par excellence, comes in. Its peculiarities have allowed the platform to grow almost uncontrollably, often even being preferred to a giant more than ten years old such as Facebook. What we have just said is now quite well known even by companies less focused on the sector and, for this reason, everyone is trying to adopt strategies to grow on Instagram.

How to increase followers on Instagram

Despite the fact that many companies have relied on Instagram bots, this practice for gaining more followers on Instagram is totally discouraged by industry experts. The bots implemented on the platform, for those who don’t know, consist of automation techniques capable of expanding your network in a mechanical way. Instead of that, we can buy Instagram followers that are real and give you results from online social media companies like GetInsta.

Through a programming system, in fact, the Instagram account of reference will be able to distribute likes, follow certain pages according to the hashtags set, automatically comment on images according to established criteria, and so on. Although it may seem like an automatic and very quick way to understand how to get a following on Instagram without a large investment of resources, over time this system can lead to the high risk of generating a network of followers that are not on target, as well as being a valid reason for the social platform to penalise the account.

Leaving aside this method, which is fairly widespread but unable to achieve the real objective of professional management of this social network, let’s look at the advantages that high-performance social management can bring.

Exploiting the potential of this platform allows companies to increase brand awareness and expand their network of prospects. As with any other social network, however, it should be emphasised that Instagram can certainly be an ideal channel, but not for every product category.

As it is a platform focused on visual content, it represents a performing communication strategy only for those businesses able to generate engagement through this kind of advertising messages, such as the restaurant sector or all companies selling products with a high visual impact. After this introduction, let’s take a look at the 3 essential techniques for increasing followers on Instagram.

Page style

First of all, it is essential to set the page in ‘business’ mode so that users or companies can contact the business through appropriate call-to-action. To return to the concept of visual communication, the initial setting of the textual and visual content is of fundamental importance.

Inserting a concise and comprehensive description of the page, with a link to the website and a couple of branded hashtags, is the basis on which to grow on Instagram. The graphic layout of the posts published must also follow a pre-established pattern, in order to make the initial impact effective and engaging.

Content marketing

High-quality content is the focus of most digital marketing activities. Even more so when you want to understand how to increase followers on Instagram, content marketing is of paramount importance and is the direct cause of the success or failure of an online project.

Delivering content that resonates with your target audience and presents the values of your business in an engaging way is an essential part of a successful content marketing strategy. Also, you can buy Instagram likes to make your content go viral and get more attention from users.


Hashtags are content repositories through which a higher level of engagement can be produced if used in the right way. The methodology envisages the use of a range of between 10 and 30 hashtags with a balanced mix between those consisting of high volumes of images and others, instead, consisting of smaller volumes but with the peculiar characteristic of having a greater impact on the subject matter and, therefore, with a higher probability of generating engagement than generic hashtags.

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