How to Dive in Fall Guys

Fall Guys has been ruling the gaming charts all across the world, and the popularity of the game has surged after the game was made a free-to-play title in June this year. The game has been reaching more players than ever and hence one of the top questions on the community board has been How to dive in Fall Guys.

Diving is an important skill that any Fall Guys player should know well enough and many of our readers keep asking if it is hard to do so. It is hard if you don’t know what you are doing in the first place. This one skill can improve your overall gameplay by a huge margin for a number of reasons. So, let’s take you to everything you need to know when it comes to “How to Dive in Fall Guys”.

With the overwhelming love the game has been receiving lately, Mediatonic, the developers of the game have told that their servers are overloaded. If you are experiencing issues or lags in the game, you should see what the fall guys server status is at the moment.

How to Dive in Fall Guys on a PlayStation

Players who are new to the game often get confused between jumping and diving, so let us clear that out first. When it comes to jumping, it is the conventional jumping we get in Fall Guys. For example, if you “Jump” in the game, you reach a distance “X” and at the same time if you Dive (and Jump) you can reach up to 1.3X. This can help you in so many ways once you master the different techniques and understand where to use which ones.

The simple thing to do if you want to learn how to dive in fall guys is to understand that diving works when you are already in the air, which essentially is your character jumping and getting mid-air. You can make your character jump by pressing the X (cross button) on your PlayStation controller. Once you feel you have reached the right height or distance, all you need to do to make your character dive is press the square button.

Note- It is as obvious as it can get, but we have seen many people trying to solve the issue. Your character in the game will only dive in the direction you are facing mid-air. So, it won’t matter how hard you press the button on your controller to turn around the mistake you have already committed to.

How to Dive in Fall Guys on a PC

Things are a little different when it comes to if you want to make your character dive in fall guys if you are playing the game on a PC. While it might take some practice to do the perfect dive, it honestly is fairly easy to do so. And if you are having a problem doing even that, we suggest you are retiring soon buddy. (Just kidding man. No trash talk on our blog :P)

The only difference about making the dive work in the Fall Guy PC game is that instead of pressing an X and then the square button as you do on the PlayStation, you have to press the spacebar to make your character jump in the air and then the CTRL (control) button to dive. You can also read more about PlayStation cheats that you can use in Fall Guys game.

How to Dive in Fall Guys on Xbox?

The process to dive is obviously the same on each of the platforms, you jump and then you diveeeee! On an Xbox controller, press A to jump and then immediately press X to make your Fall Guys character dive in the direction it is already facing.

Why it is Important to Know How to Dive in Fall Guys

The heading of this section is something that every veteran of the game is tired of listening to from every rookie in the game. Honestly, once you know how to dive in fall guys and you start using it, there is no going back.

For us, there are three main reasons we dive into the game, all of them are important to finish the final crossing and win the free-to-play battle in its entirety.

  • If you make the perfect dive (frankly, it is hard not to make the perfect dive once you know how to dive in fall guys), it will give you an evident mid-air boost which can be life-giving if you have not jumped on the right time to reach the next platform.
  • One of the most fun and important ways of using the diving technique is to kill opponents in the game. You must be thinking can we really kill in Fall Guys? So, no, you can’t kill but if you use the dive precisely you can use it as a head butt to push opponents out of the map, technically killing them from the game.
  • Last things last. As you get nearer to the finish line, even the slightest of the margins can result in winning or losing the game. So, you should use the dive exactly when you are about to cross the line as the boost will give you some edge over other opponents and can give you a small yet significant lead.

How to Dive and Grab Things in Fall Guys

Many players do not know that you can grab things and make the game even more exciting and adventurous (for yourself and for other people if it doesn’t work well for you :P)

You can use the grabbing technique to prevent the opponent from moving for a short span of time. This might feel insignificant but will drastically increase their overall timing. You might need some time to master this technique, but once you learn how to dive in fall guys, this will be an additional and effective element if used properly.

You can grab your opponent by pressing the R2 button on the PlayStation, if you are playing Fall Guys on a PC, you can press the Shift button, and the RT button on the Xbox controller to produce the grab effect in the game.

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