How To Develop Mobile Game

The Stages Of Mobile Game Development

What it is like to develop a mobile game from the scratch? Let’s take a look into the core of the mobile game development process.

Come With An Idea

The idea is like the foundation of the game. In a flourishing mobile game market, it’s challenging to come up with a really innovative idea. In this case, you may choose a product with lacking functionality and empower it with unique features your TA would appreciate.

Select A Platform And An Engine

Regarding the trends in modern game development, it would be no wrong to launch an app on multiple platforms. Thankfully, several cross-platform engines will help you develop a product that would run on major platforms using only one codebase.

Prepare Game Design Documentation

This document will contain a detailed description of the game’s functionality. It will also include information about the mechanics and tools you will use to develop game characters and how the screen space will be organized. Prepare it carefully.

Make Up The Structure

Designing the game structure involves designing the graphics, environment, structures of the game as well as deciding whether you’re going to make it 2D or 3D.

Start Writing a Code

Now, after so much has been done, it’s time to start the coding. Choose a suitable programming language and get armed with patience to make sure the product is being created to match your expectations.

Conduct A Throughout Testing

A throughout testing will let you reveal the bugs before users will face them. Testing each module before the game is released to the public is an effort and time-consuming but yet rewarding process.

Choose The Right Monetization Strategy

Choosing the right monetization strategy can help you get maximum ROI within the optimal period. The three most common strategies are in-build purchases, in-game advertisements, or subscription plans.

Take Care of The Post-Release Support

Releasing the product to Play Store or App Store is not the last step in mobile game development. Provide high-quality maintenance to ensure it runs flawlessly.

Top Technologies To Develop a Mobile Game

Meet some of the best engines that will help you in producing a worthy mobile game that will break alt the download records.

1. Unity

Among the top mobile game development engines, we distinguish Unity. Unity is the cross-platform engine helping to design wonderful 2D and 3D gaming solutions. Pokemon Go, Lara Croft Go, and Angry Birds 2 all were created by Unity game developers.

2. Spine 2D

Spine 2D is an animation tool focused specifically on 2D game animations. Spine aspires to have an efficient, optimized workflow both for creating animations with the help of an editor and implementing those animations into games.

3. AppGameKit

AppGameKit offers development solutions for both beginner and professional programmers. One of its best-valued characteristics is the ability to create once and deliver the product to multiple platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

4. Titanium

Titanium enables programmers to create games using JavaScript. Its efficient modules allow programmers to save time by writing less code. Its single codebase lets developers create games without having to manage multiple toolkits and languages.

5. Unreal Engine

You don’t have to be an expert programmer to develop games with Unreal Engine. Its user-friendly features allow game development even for those with zero programming skills. Use Unreal Engine to design 3D graphics and get users hooked on your product.

The Matter Of Price

Now when you know what steps to make to develop a game and might have even chosen the development engine, let’s see how much it would cost you. No matter if you’re developing a game on your own or applying for a reliable development company, there are several factors to consider when calculating the final cost of the game.

The game genre: a casual game development costs less than multiplayer.

A platform for release: the cost of developing a game for Android is different from the cost of that for iOS.

UI/UX: the more interactive the design is, the higher is the cost.

Features and complexity: more advanced functionality leads to an increased price.

The location of development company: the services of companies residing in East Europe and India are usually lower-priced.

Post-guidance: depending on how much maintenance a game needs after release, you can estimate its final cost.

In fact, there are even more factors that would impact the final cost of the game development. Regarding all the aforementioned aspects, the final price of game development may vary from $20,000 to USD $250,000.

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