How to cash out free spins at an online casino?

If you often play at online casinos, you probably take part in various promotions and events: take no deposit and bonuses for replenishing your account, collect comp points and exchange them for money, compete for prizes in tournaments and try to grab other opportunities like you can do on

Most likely, you also get free spins, as they are incredibly popular in the online gambling industry right now. Most institutions provide them for registration, for deposits and for all kinds of achievements.

You probably also know that winnings in free spins are not always awarded with real money. How difficult is it to cash out in such situations? This is discussed below.

How to cash out free spins at an online casino?

How do free spins work in online gambling?

For beginners, we will tell you what this service is.

  • Free spins are free games on a video slot that an online casino gives to a client for registration, deposits, some achievements, or as a gift.
  • Do not confuse spins as an online casino promotion with free spins that you can get by playing the slot machine. In the second case, they are often awarded for several scatters. These are also free spins, but they are not provided by the institution.

Let’s highlight the most important characteristics of online casino bonus free spins:

  • They go to the money of the casino.
  • The rate is determined by the terms of the promotion. The client cannot change it.
  • The number of spins is also specified in the rules.
  • You can usually use free spins on certain video slots.
  • Don’t forget to read all points of the rules before you apply for bonus spins.

Who can receive free spins?

Depending on the bonus policy of the gambling site, free spins on slots can be awarded to different users.

  • New players – Often casinos give free spins just for registering on the site. More often, free spins are provided for starting deposits. They can complement the invitation bonuses, be offered as an alternative, or charged separately.
  • Loyal customers – When playing at an online casino, users can receive bonus spins for various reasons: for deposits, as a prize in lotteries, for winning tournaments, when reaching new levels of the loyalty program, as a personal gift, and the like.
  • VIPs – It is not uncommon for operators to give special spins to VIP players. These are exclusive promotions that are distinguished by especially favorable conditions: a large number, high rates, no wager, and so on.
  • Some online casinos have restrictions for customers from certain countries. There are situations when a player can register, make deposits and play for money, but cannot participate in certain promotions.

Sometimes spins are offered on video slots that are prohibited in a number of jurisdictions, which creates problems for residents of those states.

Are the payouts in bonus spins paid out in cash?

Winnings can be credited with real money. This means that customers can immediately use them however they want: order a pay or play the game.

These are the most attractive conditions, but this practice is not at all generally accepted. More often, free spins participants receive payouts in the form of bonus credits.

In such cases, payments cannot be immediately withdrawn from the online casino. First, they must be wagered according to the conditions specified in the rules of the promotion.

Please note that different spins operating in the casino may have different wagers and additional nuances.

How to win back payments from free spins?

In order for the credits received in free spins to turn into money, you need to wager them, as is traditionally done with bonuses. In short, you need to place bets for a total amount several times greater than the winnings in free spins.

What you need to pay attention to:

Free spins wager

The size of the wager is a very important condition. If it is very large, it is unlikely that you will be able to extract real benefit from the action.

The highest odds are usually applied in no deposit spins for registration. For example, x20 or x30 multipliers are not uncommon here. There are even indicators around x50.

In personal offers for VIPs, there is either no wager at all, or it is minimal.

Low odds are in the spins, which are awarded as prizes for winning competitions or as a reward within the loyalty program.

In any case, always pay attention to this paragraph of the rules.

Wagering bet

Directly during the bonus free spins, the game is played at a fixed rate. It is initially indicated in the description of the action. Usually it is low, although there are pleasant exceptions.

Once you start clearing the payouts, you will be able to change the bet, but there is almost always a maximum limit. This ceiling cannot be exceeded.

Slots for wagering payouts

Check on which video slots you can wager payouts received in free spins. These are not always the same slot machines that you have spun the spins on.

Most likely, you will be able to choose a model from the list of devices allowed by the rules of the online casino bonus program.

Free spins expiration date

All online casino bonus offers are valid for a certain time from the moment they are activated. Taking free spins, you must use them during the specified period. It is also necessary to win back the received payments no later than the end date.

In most cases, this is not a problem, because you can spin the spins and complete the wagering requirements in a few minutes. However, sometimes customers take prize rounds and for some reason forget about them. Don’t follow their example.

How to cash out free spins at an online casino?

Promotion regulation

Sometimes, to participate in bonus spins on slot machines, you need to enter special codes. Often you can get them only on the condition that you follow the link from the partner site to the online casino. Most often this is required when it comes to exclusive offers.

In some establishments, free spins are credited after contact with a support worker. Perhaps you need to communicate with support representatives at other stages.

Accordingly, study all the points of the rules in advance and do not deviate from these requirements.

Usually, free spins payouts are credited to the bonus account. As soon as you wager them, they will be transferred to the main balance. The process is not always automated, so it may take some time for the administration to check if you did everything right.

Never hesitate to contact support representatives for help. Don’t be afraid to look stupid. It’s better than losing money because of an unnecessary mistake.

Do I need to participate in free spins with a withdrawal?

If an online casino gives free spins without requiring you to make deposits, play for money or perform any other actions that are dangerous for your bankroll, you should not refuse a gift. In such situations, you risk nothing. Take it, play it and find success.

Just remember that the withdrawal of money received in free spins will most likely be available after making at least one deposit.

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