How the Use of Live Presenters Has Changed Online Bingo

Bingo has been popular around the planet for so long that it’s easy to imagine a switch to live online games just carrying on with the same format as before. Yet, this change in the way of playing bingo has led to the introduction of new games that may come as a surprise to anyone who hasn’t yet tried it and has helped to increase its reach even further.

The Presentation

The selection of live bingo games covers the classic varieties of bingo, like 75 and 90-ball variants, as well as new types. However, it’s the presentation that stands out right away, with a live presenter leading the action. The use of the latest live-streaming technology means that players can follow the action smoothly and feel involved in the game at all times.

If you’re used to playing live games of bingo in a hall or club, or at home, this will feel like an authentic way of playing. However, the online aspect means that it’s more convenient to join at any time and also makes it easy to move your funds in and out as you wish, while the live-streaming approach brings the action to life.

The New Games

As we’ve seen, there are live games of bingo where the presenter simply adds a human aspect to the game. However, the companies that develop these games have also realized that this is an opportunity to introduce new types of games that take the original concept of games of chance like bingo and add something different.

If we look at the example of Dream Catcher, this is different from standard bingo as it uses a money wheel that’s split up into differently-colored sections. It also differs from bingo in that you predict what number the wheel will land on, rather than simply crossing off the numbers you’ve been given. Despite these differences, it still has the same sort of entertaining aspect with random chances of winning.

Another example comes from the Mega Ball 100x title, which is closer to the original bingo gameplay but adds in some elements of keno for more variety. This game is based on cards that have a list of numbers on them and a presenter that draws out a set of balls. If you’ve ever played bingo then you won’t have any trouble understanding how it all works.  

The Overall Feel

It’s easy to see why live bingo has been a hit since moving online, as this sort of presentation manages to capture the essence of the game in a convenient format. With live chat adding to the social aspect in some versions, this is a pretty faithful rendition of the classic game of chance. Yet, there’s also enough variety on display to make it appealing to all of the players who look for different things when they play.

The addition of live presenters has certainly made online bingo more interesting. But it’s the timeless gameplay, and the way it can easily be modified to keep it fresh, that has helped to bring it to the attention of so many new and existing fans.

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