How Teachers and Students Benefited From YouTube

Education is one of the most important aspects of our lives, which is why it’s crucial to find all the resources that can aid both the teachers and the students. YouTube has many benefits for both of them, as we’ve explained further in the article.

It’s Easy to Incorporate

One of the many benefits of YouTube in education is that nowadays, especially in the age of Coronavirus, many teachers find themselves in the position of having to teach online classes, and the TA having to explain complex matters through videos. This is where YouTube comes in handy because basically anyone can create a YouTube account and post videos.

Teachers and TAs, as well as the students, benefit greatly from this because teachers can easily link the YouTube videos to their home pages, making it easy for students to access, which benefits everyone. Since many students nowadays are accustomed to multimedia-based learning, YouTube videos certainly play a huge role in this type of education that can’t be left out.

It promotes Online Discussions

YouTube benefits learning for both students and teachers in many ways. One of the most prominent ways it does so is because this platform allows all the videos to be discussed in the special “comments” section. This option of course can be turned off by the user who posted this video, but in this case, the teachers leave the discussion open because it promotes communication between them and the students, and among students themselves.

Most of the students are usually too shy in class to raise their hand and ask the teachers about particular parts of the lecture they didn’t understand. With YouTube, this is completely absent as students can take a pseudonym to ask a question, and also it removes the aspect of being ashamed to ask in person since they simply have to upload a comment.

It’s Widely Available

This benefit of YouTube in education might be the most valuable one. Nowadays in the modern world, almost everyone has access to an internet connection one way or the other. A great benefit of YouTube is that it’s really simple to access because it doesn’t necessarily require specific accounts to be made. You simply have to access their internet page, and you’re good to go.

YouTube is extremely beneficial as everyone including teachers and students can gain easy access, and if they wish to create an account to post videos, it’s also really simple. Some might argue that YouTube requires a constant connection for the videos to be watched, however specific converters such as Viddly Downloader can allow students to learn offline too because they offer the ability to download the videos. In conclusion, YouTube’s availability every day of the year, and easy access make for an incredible feature that is beneficial in learning, both for students and the teachers.

It Makes Complex Subjects More Understandable

It Makes Complex Subjects More Understandable

Not all of the students can understand all subjects with equal ease, and not all the subjects are easy to understand. The common traditional methods in education often fall short to leave all the students with a better understanding Luckily, with the technology advancing at a very fast pace, there are now programs and platforms in place to give students a better chance, and a novel view to understanding the subjects that are required of them.

Visual learning was found to be one of the most effective ways to study, and YouTube has a wide array of all sorts of animations and videos to make this possible. In addition to this, teachers and students both have access to all kinds of topics that are discussed on reputable YouTube channels that can broaden their understanding, and learning techniques.

It’s Free

Another great thing about YouTube is that it’s free. In recent years an option for a subscription to eliminate the ads was made available, but it’s still optional, and it doesn’t skew the learning. Many great schools that offer a better education are often quite expensive, making them impossible to access by many students across the world.

This is why YouTube is a great platform because it offers a very good chance for students, and teachers to have a better opportunity to learn or to teach completely for free. What many don’t realize is that you don’t have to attend a prestigious school to get the best grasp of all the subjects, you just have to invest your time to find all the available sources, and YouTube offers so many opportunities for that.

With all this in mind, there is no doubt that YouTube is highly beneficial in learning, both for the students and teachers around the world.

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