How Rapid Technological Advancement Will Affect Online Casinos

Technology extends its tendrils into almost every area of modern life, and the online casino industry is no different, with operators regularly adding new features and functions to enhance the way that customers play.

Looking forward, it is easy to see how the increasing sophistication of the underlying tech on which web-based gambling services rely will lead to yet more changes and augmentations. Here is a look at just a few of the most significant shifts that are on the horizon at the moment.

How Rapid Technological Advancement Will Affect Online Casinos

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Faster connectivity & the cloud

Broadband speeds for fixed-line connections have been creeping up gradually, but it is really the mobile space in which leaps and bounds are set to be made in the coming years.

5G connectivity is beginning to roll out in many regions, allowing smartphone users to access the internet on the move at speeds that could theoretically exceed 1Gbps. Even if real-world speeds of over 100Mbps are more achievable, this will significantly alter the kinds of services that can be offered over a typical wireless network connection.

In an online casino context, this will translate into the ability to deliver more content-rich, complex experiences on the fly. As well as the greater bandwidth allowing for more detailed, data-intensive games to be developed, it will also be easier to offer consistent access to things like live casino games on mobile platforms.

This goes hand in hand with the potential posed by cloud-powered gaming services. While Google may be changing the home console space with its Stadia streaming solution, in the online casino market there will no doubt be similarly impressive deployments of the cloud to make it easier to run games on low powered devices without sacrificing quality by using the cloud as a host.

Artificial intelligence for experience improvements & player analysis

Online casinos, like other digital platforms, generate vast amounts of data through player interactions with their services. This sounds great in theory since such information could provide valuable insights into customer behaviors. However, in practice, it is difficult to deal with the mountains of data manually.

This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes into play, with big data solutions and machine learning set to have an ongoing impact on the industry in the next half-decade and beyond, according to recent reports.

There will be various facets of online casinos that can benefit from AI implementation, but there are two main points of interest that will see the biggest changes taking place in the short term.

First up is the user experience, which will be far easier to optimize precisely and efficiently thanks to the insights gleaned from AI. Casino site operators will be able to see where any flaws in the user experience exist and take action to address them without having to rely on subjective testing or having to wait for feedback from users themselves.

Next, there is the analysis of risk, specifically in relation to how it is seen from a player’s perspective. By knowing how many average users are willing to put on the line according to the kind of reward that is available, online casinos will be better equipped to boost revenues while still keeping their customer base engaged and entertained.


One enduring issue facing all providers of digital services, especially those operating in the online casino industry, is that of providing users with a way of carrying out secure transactions.

With high profile data breaches regularly hitting the headlines, it is difficult for consumers to trust that the brands they do business with will be able to keep their private data safe, especially when it relates to their finances.

This is why cryptocurrency has become such a relevant topic of conversation in an online casino context. By giving players the ability to make deposits and withdrawals using the likes of Bitcoin, operators demonstrate that they are up to date with current trends and also willing to deliver the improvements to security that a certain proportion of their target audience will appreciate.

Of course, the current instability of the crypto market does make things difficult, but if it becomes more secure in the future the influence of this technology over online gambling will surely grow.

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