The question of how long you can keep your trainers is attached to many variables that could cause the trainers to get worn out. Therefore, when thinking of how long a trainer should be used, you need to consider some facts like; how and where the trainers are being used, the weight and running styles of the individual, and the trainer’s quality.

The frequency of use is a significant criterion for determining how long and not necessarily the timing. The distance covered is what affects the trainer most – check out Soleheaven.

The Lifespan Of A Good Running Shoe

A good running shoe should cover up to 500 -700 miles. Now, if you want to convert it to timing, this could be around four to six months for someone who runs up to 20 miles in a week. Other factors can contribute to the level of miles your trainers can cover, such as; the type of road you run on, the temperature of it, whether hot or normal, the brand and quality of the shoe, the habit of the owner, how often they are switched with another pair and whether they are used for non-running activities which helps to spoil the shoes faster.

How To Know Your Trainers Needs Replacement

It is essential to make sure that your running shoes are not worn out, as this will reduce your overall performance. Here are some tips that will help you know when to replace your trainers.

  • Keep a record of your miles with a GPS device to know when you hit the above-mentioned miles
  • When you start feeling pains in your ankles or your hips ache after running, it might be a sign that your shoes are worn out.
  • Having a sore foot after running, your shoes are no longer in good shape if the bottom of your feet often gets sore or stiff after a run.
  • If they give you blisters or burns, it means they are no longer in good shape.
  • If your shoe feels flat on your feet, it’s a good sign they are worn out.
  • Always study the outsole of the shoe, the cushioning, and the tread. If your shoe tread begins to slack, it’s a good sign your trainers need replacement.

With a careful study of these signs, you will know when exactly to replace your shoes.

How To Increase Your Trainer’s Lifespan

In as much as running shoes do not last forever, there are few things you can do to make them last longer for you. If you have multiple pairs of shoes, then it’s a plus to your trainers; by switching them they can both last longer for you. Your shoes will always be soaked with sweat after running. Do not machine dry your trainer; air drying is highly recommended. Clean your shoes regularly and make sure you use them strictly for their purpose.


To know how long your shoes will last you, you should consider all the features you need in the trainers before even stepping out to buy them, and by following the tips in this article, you will never be confused as to when your trainers have lasted long enough.

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