How Computers and Technology have replaced the School Bag and Books

Technology has changed our lives forever and nothing more so than the education process, and systems therein. Over the recent pandemic more people looked to online education than ever before, and the use of technology has come to the fore in this field in a big way. However, it is also more apparent than ever that the computer and the internet have now begun to change schooling as we knew it.

Smart tech and education

The technology is available to be able to access schoolwork, college and any number of online courses and training. Besides, it enables students to look up any information they need for their studies, like studying for Math tests effectively and passing them. The system has been set up in most countries and especially across the US to be able to cater for those unable to make it to the classroom, teachers and students alike.

Smart screens and the entrance of big brands like Lenovo for Elementary School has seen the design and manufacture of laptops (and associated technology) made specifically with   these defined uses in mind. The aim being to provide the exact tech at the precise moment it is needed.

From touch screens and tablets in the classroom to the more recent sophisticated computing tech with cloud-based support and access to top of the range software for learning and study at degree level and higher – Technology now rules the roost in education.

Preparing students for the digital future

The use of such tech throughout the schooling and educational process is said to be so learners and students are prepared from the outset to engage and be successful in the data and information driven age that we are in.

VR and AR in education

The rise of virtual reality and augmented reality are the next step in this process where students and learners will be able to go to school from the comfort of their homes. This is the immersive learning argued to be the future of education and that will answer the need for social immersion and interaction. Anything can be taught, from practical skills like flying and medicine to theories of socialization and art. The Virtual reality classroom puts the teacher in your space and with them can come any expert in the field you are learning as well as a room full of other students.

The need to go to school is becoming questionable

It is a big question in education circles as to whether the rationale for school still exists. The time is indeed useful for social interaction of students and teaching various people skills. However, the level of technology is such that everything that was done in the classroom and on paper is now all online. It is a proven fact that the classroom and school as a way of learning is not for everyone and the option of being able to learn in a unique way is arguably the next step in how we consider and think of education.

School as we know it has changed and the future of all education from pre-school and elementary to college and beyond will all be online and all of it will be accessed using the technology that we all have in the information age.

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