How A Computer Monitoring Software Works

The software is a computer program that tracks the employees’ activities during their work time. The software helps with productivity since it enables the management to determine whether the staff spends hours on work-related activities or not. These computers tracking software have features that work in the following ways.

Tracking of Time      

When an employee turns on their computers or desktops, the program clocks them in. Once they are through with work and turns the laptop off, the system clocks them out. Some of the software has a mobile app that you can use to track meetings and when working away from the desk.

Monitoring Use of Email         

Some computer tracking software allows you to monitor and prevent internal theft of data. For example, you can use this feature to ensure that your staff is adhering to email policies. The management can view business email, webmail, incoming and outgoing messages, and even attachments.

Monitoring of Computer Activities

The program collects data from the websites and apps your staff visits. It also shows how much time they spend on these platforms.

The computer monitoring system tracks these websites and apps and allows you to block them if you deem them time-wasting. You can then add idle time notifications for staff spending time on these unproductive sites. In addition, you can collect important data about the security risks of such platforms that help you determine if you may need to upgrade your security policies and protocols.

Setting of Goals

The system enables you to set goals for your team. In addition, you can develop specific objectives for individual employees. By doing this, the staff will know what tasks they have finished and which is pending.

Furthermore, some applications allow you to assign specific tasks and projects to team members and they will deliver on deadlines. Once you give some work, the system automatically notifies the person.

Generation of Reports

Most of the time, tracking software generates reports that help you determine whether your team is productive. Through such data, you can boost employee productivity. For example, the system shows what your workforce is working on, how effective they are and time spent on unproductive tasks.

Tracking Printed Documents and Transferred Files

Some software gives you this feature that allows you to ensure your staff keeps your business secrets. The monitoring software notifies you printed what and when an employee wants to print files.

Furthermore, you get to know when any team member uploads files in the cloud. A company uses the software to secure internal private data from misuse. You can only allow certain staff to access while others you may restrict. The organization can further customize file alerts or block files, therefore, enhancing security.

Remotely Control A Desktop

If you have remote employees, they may experience challenges on their work machines. In such a case, the IT specialist can access the employee computer remotely and fix the issue through the monitoring software.


Some of the employee tracking software gives you a budgeting feature. You can therefore view hours your staff spends on projects, which cost you real cash. You can hence use real data to budget for future projects in terms of time and money.   A computer tracking software works in several ways, including tracking time, generating reports, budgeting, setting goals, and monitoring computer activities. 

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