How can you get free spins?

There are many different ways to get free spins. Typically, you will get a number of free spins when you sign up or make a first deposit with a provider. These free spins vary in number, and you will also often find that your free spins can only be used on certain machines. However, this is all something you will be informed of when you receive your free spins.  Another way you can get free spins is through ongoing promotions at the online casino in south africa. Many online casinos will continuously have promotions to reward loyal customers or to celebrate events.

This could be when a new game comes in, where free spins are awarded to customers so they can be allowed to try out the game without even having to bet money. A good idea is therefore to keep an eye on the online casino (s) you are playing at, to keep up to date on promotions with free spins you can receive.

The competition for online casinos in South Africa is great. This benefits customers in the form of good welcome offers. Among these, one will often encounter the possibility of receiving free spins with no deposit required. All that is required here is that you register with the provider and in some cases also verify your account easily and quickly via NemID.

Whether you receive free spins in the form of a bonus, ongoing promotion or get them without a deposit, the wagering requirements are the same – there are none. After the law has been changed in South Africa, it is no longer legal to associate wagering requirements and other terms with free spins.  No matter how you receive your free spins and what the casino providers call them, they may not impose wagering requirements on you. This is of course a huge advantage for players, and helps make free spins into even more advantageous bonuses.

New rules make it no longer legal for online casinos to use terms like “free spins ” or “free spins” in their marketing if there is a deposit and/or wagering requirement associated with the bonus. This is to protect players from misleading marketing. The new rules mean that all terms must be clearly stated and easily understood.

When you receive free spins or cash spins in South Africa, it will be the same. All winnings one wins with free Rounds, no matter what they are called by the casino, will be without wagering requirements. You will have the winnings transferred directly to your account and can use them for whatever you want. Many casinos have adapted to the new rules by f.ex. writing “50 spins “and failing to use words like” free “and” free” in their bonus offer description.

Other online casinos have chosen to continue using free spins in the description of their Welcome Offer, and they have instead removed both the deposit and wagering requirements associated with the bonus.

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