How Can Wooden Combs Benefit Your Hair Health

We spend a lot of money on haircare products to acquire healthy and nutritious hair. From pricey shampoos and conditioners to sophisticated keratin and smoothing treatments, there’s an endless range. But we often tend to overlook the importance of a comb and what role it plays in maintaining healthy hair. When it comes to our hair, most of us don’t give much thought to this particular product and continue to use what we easily find around.

With the growing availability of materials that are being used to manufacture almost all kinds of products, we should take a moment to understand how helpful and healthy are they for us. But undoubtedly, natural materials always play a beneficial role for our hair and skin. Wood is one such material and in this piece of writing, we will help you understand the many benefits of using wooden combs. They are healthy for your hair and have been long in use by humankind to detangle hair as well as gain additional benefits.

Let us check out the benefits of using wooden combs and why you should buy one for yourself right away:

Reduced hair fall:

A wooden comb is softer on the scalp and it glides better than other types of combs. This ensures there is minimum pressure on the hair and scalp, resulting in reduced or no hair fall at all. Additionally, this lack of breakage also causes less damage to the hair.

Healthy hair and scalp:

Wood is an insulator and hence, there is minimal friction when you comb your hair. It does not produce static and works smoothly and effectively to detangle hair. This contributes to a healthier scalp along with nourished hair. Additionally, the wooden combs by Vega come with rounded tips that act as a massager to the scalp and promote blood circulation. This further assists in a stronger scalp, good hair growth and hair strength.

Increased hair growth:

Wooden comb for women and men works magically to help the mane grow faster and in a healthier manner. This works by increasing blood flow to the scalp and aiding the hair follicles with nutrients. Moreover, wooden combs also eliminate impurities and other unwanted deposits from the scalp, maximizing healthy hair growth.

Minimizes Itchiness and Dandruff:

Wooden combs cause less friction which makes them softer on the scalp. This protects the scalp from nicks and cuts which further contributes to reducing scalp irritation. Combing your hair with a Vega Styling Wooden Comb also improves natural oil production as its massaging effect stimulates natural oils in the hair cuticle. This keeps the scalp from getting dry and eliminates the chances of causing dandruff.

Delivers Nourishment:

Combing with a wooden comb assists in spreading natural oil from the scalp to the other lengths of your hair. When the natural oil is evenly distributed across your mane, it receives the nourishment that is required for healthy hair growth, shine, thickness and many more that improve the hair’s lusciousness. Moreover, they do not produce any static and hence, hair frizz and dryness are minimized to a great extent.

Offers naturally voluminous hair:

If you have thin hair, using a wooden comb such as Vega Boutique Wooden Comb or any other can help you achieve voluminous hair at home. It boosts the natural volume and lustre of the hair by delivering the scalp the required nourishment through blood circulation which offers bouncier hair that’s healthy and shiny.

Key Takeaway

Switching to a wooden comb will benefit your hair and scalp in a manner that they have never benefitted before. This is a healthy take to flaunt lustrous hair that’s shiny and ready for any occasion. After all, your hair deserves all the care and doing so the natural way will only bring fruitful results for many years to come.

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