How to get more views to become popular on TikTok?

Gaining more views on TikTok -one of the most downloaded applications of 2019, is no more a matter of few videos. With millions of users downloading the app almost regularly, the competition has gotten fiercer. This demands a strategic approach to increasing your views and gain the expected popularity -the ultimate aim of joining TikTok.

Here we have some of the proven tips to help you reach out to a wider audience even if they don’t already know about you, which will help you master the first step of geIng popular on TikTok -achieving more views.

1. #guesswhat #yougotit #iburntmyhouse #YOLO

If you haven’t guessed it already, add as many hashtags as possible. With the hashtag-based search facility, people tend to search accounts and videos through the hashtags. It is the easiest searching option and offers a wide array of content. For example, when someone types #cars, he’ll get every content that uses this hashtag.

Here is a litle common sense -in case you decide to get unique or personal with your hashtags, you’ll have to be Rose years old when she disclosed about the ‘heart of the ocean’ in the Titanic -to gain views. Hence, you need to pop your bubble of unfamiliar hashtags with trending and famous ones.

2. Flood The ‘For You’ Page

The ‘for you’ page must be your main target as a newbie. This page showcases the content according to user preferences and search activitoes. Since the competition is equally harsh on this part of the app, you have to be regular with your content because that’s the only way of creating your chances of geIng displayed on the first page.

3. Use Your Dearest Friends -Instagram, Facebook, And WhatsApp

Some people might not be on TikTok, but there is a high chance that they will be on at least one of the other social media -Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. So, do not wait for your TikTok views only, instead share your content on other social sites too.

This may even encourage people to download the app for more content from you. Entertainment-based Facebook groups are a great place for this. Most of these groups have over 10k members; imagine the audience your content would be exposed to.

4. Poke Other Users

Interacting with other users in the comment is a great way to gain attention. Come up with fun yet relevant comments to add to people’s content. Make sure not to offend anyone, or you’ll be reported. Try to be sensible and appreciate others, but with a little spice to attract people to check out your profile.

5. Collaborate

Collaborations are a legitimate way of stealing someone’s audience. Interact with a few people who have more followers than you and create some content with them. When both of you will post the content on your profiles, your audience will watch both of you. In this way, you’ll be able to reach out to their audience and vice versa.

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