How To Get A Mobile Phone Contract With Bad Credit

It is usually very straightforward to conclude a contract mobile phone. But sometimes this can lead to problems – namely when the desired provider refuses to conclude a contract. The common reason: a credit rating index that is too low.

But how easy or difficult is it to conclude a contract mobile phone with a low credit score? The good news first: In principle, with a negative credit rating, it is not impossible for a provider to grant you a contract. Because many mobile phone providers check, depending on the desired offer, whether they agree to a contract. Basically, the shorter the contract period and the cheaper the mobile phone, the more likely it is that a contract will be concluded.

Incidentally, there is no provider who does not carry out a credit check on postpaid contracts. So the rule is: just try it. Maybe you are lucky and the provider is ready to give you phone contracts bad credit. If he doesn’t agree, there will be at least no negative consequences for you.

Tips and Tricks to get a contract phone with bad credit

Would you like to maximize your chance of a contract mobile phone despite a negative credit score? The following tips and tricks can help you with this.

One-month term or prepaid

With a short contract period, the more likely you can become a customer. Of course, providers play it safe with a prepaid offer. Since you top up credit here, a provider will accept you as a customer without any problems. Prepaid is out of the question for you? Then try a tariff with a one-month contract term.

Buy a used mobile phone

Especially if you want to finance an up-to-date luxury smartphone with a contract, many providers are opposed to it. The solution could be to opt for a used mobile phone and conclude a SIM-only contract – because with these it is more likely that the provider will accept a negative credit rating. In addition, this is a way of saving cash, because a new premium mobile phone naturally has its price.

Better to choose smaller providers

According to our research, it is often easier with small providers to start a contractual relationship even with a low credit score. Always, look out for small network companies, and ask them to provide you a contract phone without a credit check.

Ask for individual solutions

Your preferred provider does not accept you as a contractor? It might help if you ask for an individual offer. Just because a plan is out of the question for you doesn’t mean you can’t get a contract. A call to customer service will help you in this case.

Choose a contract with suitable features

Maybe you want to make sure that there are no hidden costs with your new contract. In this case, it makes sense to look around for various contract options that keep your monthly basic fee low. For example, a flat ensures that you can call all networks free of charge. So no nasty surprises await you at the end of the month.


Try to sign a contract with the provider of your choice. If they don’t accept you as a customer, you can choose another offer or look around at another provider. Basically, the shorter the contract period and the cheaper the mobile phone, the more likely you are to be successful and you will soon be able to look forward to a tariff with suitable features and maybe even a smartphone.

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