Tips For Buying The Best Garage Door Opener

Looking for a garage door opener? There are many options for you. There are smart garage door openers that work really well with networked devices and are pocket-friendly & trustworthy. You can have your garage door openers installed that fulfill your requirements.

Let’s take a little glance at the working of different garage opener systems and the smart features of the openers with Wi-Fi. But before that, you must think about 4 important things and they are the following:

The size of the garage door

Most standard aluminum doors need ½ horsepower openers. In case the garage door is a heavy and huge one, you will need an opener with higher horsepower and that would be something around 3/4 to 1 ¼ horsepower.

Location of the garage door

In case the bedroom or living area is close to the garage, it is advised that you opt for a belt and direct drive openers. This will ensure that you can open the garage door quietly without being a nuisance for those in the rooms nearby.

Need to access the door from a distance

There are Wi-Fi enabled openers that allow you to open and close the garage door remotely using a smartphone or a tab. This is rather convenient as you can even see your garage door and ensure that all is fine even if you are not physically present there.

Frequent power outage

When there is no power supply, you would still want to operate your door opener and that can happen if the battery backup is available. It will let you open and close a garage even without power supply.

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Features that a garage opener should have:

Regardless of which type of garage door opener you choose to buy, there are certain features that you would want your garage door opener to have and they are the following:

Battery backup: As discussed above, when your garage opener has a battery backup, it can be handy when there is no power supply. It is better to purchase a model with this particular feature.

Keyless entry: With a keyless entry keypad, you can open and close the door without the use of remote control or an app on your smartphone.

Security: The door opener should have much-needed security technology making it tough for intruders to gain access. The rolling-code security technology provides a unique code every time you use the remote. It will ensure that your garage door does not open accidentally when someone else in the neighborhood opens his garage.

Safety sensors: It is important to have safety sensors so that the door does not get closed when an object, person or animal is coming in the way.

Now, that you know what all your garage door opener should have, here is a list of top picks, you can also have a look at them in this video,

1. Chamberlain B970

It is described as a strong belt drive opener that can handle extreme conditions. Made with anti-vibration technology, it is best suited for the attached garages. It has a built-in Wi-Fi that allows access from anywhere. The opener comes with a battery backup and has all the safety and security features.

2. LiftMaster Elite Series

This wall-mounted opener has been designed to make the best use of the available space. It works smoothly without much noise and vibration. There is an inbuilt Wi-Fi, automatic door lock, motion detector, and battery backup. With the MyQ mobile app, you can access it from anywhere and receive alerts on your smartphone. In case of obstruction, while closing, the door gets auto-reversed.

3. Chamberlain C450

This one is a long-lasting and smart garage door opener that has Chamberlain’s Lift Power System. The built-in Wi-Fi lets you access it from anywhere. It comes with the required safety and security features.

4. Craftsman ½ HP

Craftsman ½ HP is quite powerful but at the same time, it is easy to install and take care of. It has a Tri-Frequency radio system to get rid of interference from other devices and to ensure that you can access it even from far away. It also has anti-burglary coding technology.

5. Chamberlain RJO20

This space-optimized door opener is wall mounted and allows smartphone control and monitoring through the MyQ app. It is completely secured, has safety sensors and a three-button tri-band remote control.

6. LiftMaster 1355

This door opener has the customary inbuilt Wi-Fi and security features to protect it from intruders. The security feature also involves sending a new code each time the remote is clicked. LiftMaster 1355 comes with the door auto-reverse feature for safety.

7. SOMMER 1052V000

The heavy-duty garage door opener is a quiet one with almost nil vibrations. This makes it perfect for houses having rooms above the garage. It has secure rolling-code technology as a security feature.

So, we have seen the top 7 garage door openers with really great features. It is but obvious that these days everyone prefers the ones that work with smart technology and these door openers fit the bill.  

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