The Future of Virtual Private Networks

A virtual private network or VPN is the most cost-effective way to ensure online privacy and enhance your online security. With a VPN, you can connect to a public network, via a virtual security system. The virtual encrypted tunnel that a VPN builds for you, allows you to maintain complete privacy and online anonymity, while enjoying best security through the interconnected system.

This system allows no third party to have any access to the user’s browsing history, by creating a connection using an end-to-end encrypted tunnel. As it also hides the identity and IP address of the user, their identity or location is not revealed to anyone on the internet.


The best benefit of using a VPN is the fact that they ensure cybercrime security. As more and more businesses and start-ups are functioning through online channels, it is essential that company data shared remains confidential and no cybercriminals can get access to this data, to demand for ransomware or expose the company and its individuals to other malicious attacks. Protecting the data and documents of an organization is its utmost priority, and a VPN provides protection against all such online threats and malicious attacks.

Transitioning to a VPN for a security measure is desirable also because it’s affordable. Other security measures are more expensive in comparison to a good VPN services which ensures the best safety of your personal and critical data.

As numerous countries have banned online content, media and other social media platforms in their regions, people have taken to VPNs to bypass these geo-restrictions placed by network providers and totalitarian regimes, to enjoy access to global content.

Users in China are banned from using social media sites, and using a VPN can help you bypass these restrictions, and access these social media platforms and websites. Such bans only increase the growth of the VPN industry and, are bound to do so more in the future.

More and more people on the internet want their online privacy protected, hence they are shifting to VPNs which make their IP address untraceable and make their online identities anonymous. This allows them to bypass the prying eyes of government authorities and other illegal organizations from keeping an eye on your browsing history and online activity, or storing your data in illegal manners, in the guise of protecting you. This market as predicted by experts is supposed to reach USD 106 billion, and enjoy a compound growth rate of 13 percent.


However, when we discuss the growth of VPNs in the near future, we must take into account two crucial elements. One must have sound technical knowledge and invest in high deployment cost to reap the benefits of VPNs. They stand out as factors that have the potential to restrict and restrain the growth of the VPN market in the near future. It requires constant investment too as ExpressVPN does not have a lifetime offer, like other VPNs. One disadvantage is the easy access it provides to restricted sites, as experts predict that this can affect this industry’s growth in several negative ways in the future. It supports more piracy, and becomes a huge threat to the creative industry.

As it hides the location and user details of users, piracy related issues are on the rise because of more VPN use. Moreover, some of the leading VPN users in the market even failed to provide the best security solutions as they promised. Other than a few contenders with highly expensive premium plans, not all VPN providers live up to their reputation of providing top security and best privacy to users on the internet. That’s after all an important fact that can decide the growth of this industry in the coming years.

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