The Future Of Sports Betting: What Does It Hold?

Sports betting is not a closed, immobile, and stable environment. Things move, and they move fast! If its history reminds us of this, its future will also be rich in evolution. Why take an interest in the future of sports betting? Not only out of curiosity, but also because it is in anticipation that opportunities are found for players who want to improve their winnings.

Especially in the world of gambling…

Not staying up to date on the latest trends, new techniques and unbeatable tips can quickly prevent you from making as much money as you want. After all, the best way to make money betting on sports is to identify and exploit an event or criteria that the bookmaker has not considered when calculating the odds.

In one sentence: you must always be ahead of the bookmaker, both in the short term (on the next match) and in the medium term (on the next developments in the world of sports betting).

So what future can we predict for sports betting?

The increasingly important role of data in sports betting

In all areas of society, data is increasingly being collected and used. Often for better, sometimes for worse, data is the new gold.

But while the use of data in the world of online sports betting (먹튀검증) is not new, new processing technologies today make it possible to do things with data that would have been inconceivable just a few years ago.

Nowadays, a large proportion of sports bettors take the time to rely on different data to optimize their bets. Having often integrated this process, they do so out of habit.

What could be more normal and obvious than consulting a team’s recent performances, news about a player or the history of the last games between two teams?

The difference is that more and more, the quantity and quality of data available to the bettors is exploding.

Thanks to new and more powerful methods of data analysis, thanks to ever more sophisticated technologies, the bettor has access to an ever-increasing mass of data that helps him/her make more informed decisions and make forecasts that are ever closer to reality.

But beware: if the bettor has access to this data, information, and insights, the bookmaker can also use it to establish the odds. From then on, this is no longer an advantage…

But if the bettor can exploit an advantage, this can only be done almost exclusively through technology and data. Modeling and testing a parameter is the key to gaining an advantage. So be careful not to rely only on one or two positive results: make sure that your data is reliable and that your method is reproducible!

Soon an explosion of sports betting on E-Sport

E-Sport is a discipline whose success is growing like crazy. As a reminder, these are online video game competitions: Call Of Duty, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Starcraft, Dota, Overwatch… the games on which E-Sport players are multiplying are constantly growing.

The craze on both the player and spectator sides is phenomenal, which is creating a whole business around online sports: sponsors, competitions, investments, publishers, events… and soon sports betting?

Amazon wouldn’t have bought Twitch if it wasn’t a booming ecosystem!

The rise of E-Sport could also strongly impact the sports betting environment.

Both public and open to all, the world of E-Sport seduces young and old from all over the world thanks to its remarkable accessibility. But the question of the meeting we are all waiting for, that of E-Sport and sports betting, is not a question of feasibility, it is a question of time.

Did you know that some E-Sport competitions were already open to sports betting? If you didn’t know that, you should know that it is now a new trend within the global trend that is E-Sport.

So why is E-Sport a spectacular opportunity for you bettors? Because bookmakers themselves admit that they still have trouble managing and, above all, accurately rating these kinds of events… which leaves you plenty of room to take the lead and make gains.

Cryptocurrency, an interesting trend in the sports betting of tomorrow

Many changes are shaking up the present of sports betting and influencing its future. However, if we were to retain only the most important ones, we would mention the ever-increasing role of data, the future market for sports betting on E-Sport, the rise of women’s soccer…

…and cryptocurrency.

You know, Bitcoin and other digital currencies like Ether and the thousands of other tokens that are being created every week?

Since their creation in 2009 and their expansion in 2018, these secure, anonymous, decentralized, and above all innovative currencies have been developing in the world of sports betting.

As such, some bookmakers no longer accept any currency other than Bitcoin & Cie type cryptocurrency. Why is this? For reasons of confidentiality, security, and opportunity.

The speed at which the sports betting market is changing is dizzying. If you can optimize your bets today with algorithm ou also need to stay on the lookout for emerging trends. Anticipation is the key for any ambitious sports bettor: getting ahead of the bookmaker and the market is a priority.

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