Fury of Dracula enjoys Xbox and Playstation release

Dracula fans will be excited about the prospect of sinking their teeth into the new Fury of Dracula video game that was recently launched for Xbox and Playstation.

Having initially enjoyed a successful release for PC and mobile, Fury of Dracula will be hoping to win over the loyal legion of Xbox and Playstation users.

The game – which costs $19.99 – is set against the backdrop of late 19th century Europe. The premise of the story revolves around four brave hunters trying to bear down on Dracula before he tries to get his way, and unleash a wave of untold misery.

Nomad Games have created a digital version, which could, in turn, have a big impact.

Speaking about the release of Fury of Dracula, Nomad Games’ marketing executive, Thomas Young, said: “Launching Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition on console means a lot to us here at Nomad, for several different reasons.

“This will be our first title published as part of our partnership with our friends at Dovetail, and a showcase of our skills at bringing digital board games to follow.”

The cult of Dracula, however, far pre-dates the existence of video games. There was, of course, the novel published by Bram Stoker in 1897, which is quite scary, and perhaps more intriguingly, it is one of the few books that has never been out of print. And much later, there was the movie that hit cinema screens in 1992, and it has acted as an inspiration for other Dracula-style films. Nowadays, it has managed to filter its way into online casinos. Some Dracula-style games like Book of Blood, Fat Drac and Million Dracula can be found on many online gambling brands such as Caxino.

For those who choose to play Fury of Dracula, there is a splendid combination of strategy and gothic brooding going on with this game.

Xbox and Playstation will attempt to bring the Fury of Dracula to life, and there is plenty to marvel at with this game.

But will this pave the way for more Dracula-style titles? While that is unclear at this moment, Fury of Dracula will provide plenty of fun in the meantime.

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