3 FPS Mobile Games to Play If You Like Apex Legends

As an Apex Legends fan myself, I know how fun and interesting this ultimate battle royale can be. The movement and gunplay are really well realized, so the entire gaming experience feels good – hence the immense popularity of the game even two years after its release.

The game is built to provide players with a sense of achievement and the three-person team doesn’t allow room for anyone to just tag along. Each team member will have something to do (defense, offense, or establishing the route) and there’s no way to be lazy without the other members noticing. In addition, the small team is easier to handle and allows players to infiltrate larger operations and devise amazing strategies that can easily ensure their success.

Still, even a great game like Apex Legends has to end at some point, leaving players feeling empty and without meaning (in real life). So, if you’ve just finished Apex Legends and loved it, here are a few other amazing FPS games to try.

Quick tip: If you’re not ready to jump into another full-on story, try some IO games online – these are usually short, filled with action, and keep your mind busy.

#1: Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty is already a classic, regardless of the version you play. However, nowadays you can also play on your phone (for free) with the game designed especially for mobile devices. The COD: Mobile version is a 100 player battle royale game, with multiplayer maps and modes that will remind you of the fun you used to have with this game growing up (if you’re an adult).

Just like the desktop version, the game is fast-paced and employs standard strategies with features and graphics. It also allows room for customization and you can unlock various stuff while playing.

Now, if this one is a bit too much for your taste (or your phone), you may want to try a similarly fast-paced browser FPS that’s quite fun, like Shell Shockers IO. Just like COD, this one’s a real-time multiplayer game that lets you connect with players from all over the world.

#2: NOVA Legacy

If you like sci-fi universes, NOVA Legacy may be a better option for your mobile adventures. Also a fast-paced FPS, this game comes with a full campaign mode and several other modes (like online multiplayer).

The game also allows players to customize characters and unlock various features (it’s a freemium version of the desktop game). Now, it’s important to know that it is quite large and it won’t fit all mobile devices.

#3: Infinity Ops

Infinity Ops can be seen as a rather new arrival in the mobile world, but it is just as interesting as the other two I mentioned. The action is placed in a sci-fi setting (similar to NOVA Legacy) and creates a multiplayer online competitive experience. Its features allow players to select from a wide range of weapons and the world has a few fun game modes, for every gaming style.

Wrap Up Of course, the list of FPS mobile games can go on and on, as in today’s day and age it’s not that difficult to find advanced, multiplayer platforms designed for smartphones and tablets. Still, it’s best to practice moderation, so after finding two or three games you like, you should also look for some useful mobile apps that help with study and organization. This way, you’ll be able to keep that procrastination in check and enjoy your free time without feeling guilty!

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