Follow These 7 Clever Tips To Get More Spotify Streams

Spotify is one of the biggest streaming services available today. It has over 350 million monthly active users, which is a 24% year-over-year increase from 2020. Therefore, any artist hoping to have a successful career needs to take the platform seriously. Not only can it grow your fanbase but it also increases your earnings.

Sadly, getting followers and streams on Spotify is not that easy. Many artists go for months or even years without generating any meaningful numbers. The good news is various proven ways can increase your streams. Some of these methods are not as fast as some people may want, but they produce incredible results if you stay patient and consistent.

Without wasting any more time, here are the seven clever tips that can increase your Spotify streams:

Follow These 7 Clever Tips To Get More Spotify Streams

1. Get Verified

One of the first things you need to do is get your Spotify account verified. Thankfully, the platform makes it super easy to verify your account; just go on the website and search your name or enter your profile URL and claim the account. Your request should be processed and approved in no time.

Verifying your spotify account comes with numerous perks. First, it gives you legitimacy. Anyone coming across your profile will see the blue tick mark showing that you are the real artist.

Additionally, verification unlocks various features that will promote your growth on the platform.

For instance, it allows you to customize your page extensively through Spotify for Artists. Moreover, it gives you access to tons of metrics that can help you monitor how your content is performing.

2. Optimize Your Page

Next on the list is optimizing your spotify page. How is this important? Well, an optimized spotify page makes it easier for your content to be discovered. It also allows you to convert chance listeners to loyal fans.

And how are you supposed to optimize your spotify page? There are various ways of going about it. However, you should start by uploading a quality image and writing a great biography. Then link the page with your social media platforms. This will make it easier for the listeners to connect with you even outside the streaming platform.

3. Create Quality Content Consistently

Listeners are out to discover fresh content. The more you can give your audience new content, the more they will engage with your streams.

So refresh your playlists every now and then. Be sure to include content from other artists. This helps you build relationships with other content creators hence increasing your reach.

You’ll also need to work harder to release your own content more regularly. Don’t just drop a single or an album and disappear for months. Publish fresh content often to keep your growing fanbase engaged.

4. Submit Your Content To Curated Playlists

Follow These 7 Clever Tips To Get More Spotify Streams

Another brilliant way of boosting your streams is by submitting your content to a curator playlist. Now, it’s not easy to land a spot on curated playlists. At least not the bigger ones. However, you can always start with smaller curators and work your way up.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to submit your content to bigger curators. Sure, some of them may not pay attention to you, but you never know. So work on your pitch and keep sending those tracks to curators.

Of course, there are other alternatives if you’re having a hard time securing a spot on curated playlists. As the folks at note, you can partner with a Spotify marketing service to grow your fanbase organically. These providers will help you get the stream you need as you focus on creating more quality content.

5. Get On Various Playlists

Playlisting is an integral part of the Spotify experience. You have to get on as many playlists as possible to increase your streams.

There are various types of playlists that you could aim for. The first and probably the hardest to land is the Spotify editorial playlists. These are created by Spotify’s editorial team. They take into account several factors before placing any content on the playlist. The good thing is if you land a spot on the playlist, your content will be exposed to millions of listeners.

Influence playlists are another option. This is where influencers include your content in their playlists hence exposing you to their vast fanbase. You definitely want to appear on these playlists. Plus, they are a bit easier to land compared to Spotify editorial playlists.

Other playlists you want to target are fan-generated and collaborative playlists.

6. Be Active On The Socials

You shouldn’t focus your efforts on Spotify alone. Look for other opportunities to promote your content outside the platform. One of such opportunities is through social media. So once you create a new playlist on Spotify, share it with your fans on social media.

7. Create Your Own Playlists

Last but not least, create your own playlists. Of course, you won’t get as many numbers as you want in the early stages. However, you will see some traction with time, and this will increase the discoverability of your content.

Remember that building a great online presence is not an overnight job. It takes time. So put in the work, practise some patience, and the results will gradually start to show.

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