When Apple set about creating the model that was to mark the iPhone’s 10th anniversary, they knew they had to pull out all the stops. There were plenty of rumors circulating about what innovations it was going to incorporate – including the fact that it was going to break from the normal naming sequence to be called the iPhone X.

But this was only one of the small improvements and, when it was eventually launched to great acclaim, it was obvious that Apple had done it again – gone more than that extra mile to create a world-beating device that other manufacturers could only hope to emulate.

With mobile gaming becoming more and more popular and raising more revenue than console and PC games, this was a particular focus of the iPhone X. There are three main features that gamers are looking for: the speed and smoothness of the action, the quality of the sound and – perhaps most importantly – the quality of the display. The iPhone X scores highly in all of these areas with:

  • Seamless motion thanks to its A11 Bionic CPU.
  • Top notch stereo speakers which are further enhanced with a premium pair of bud earphones.
  • An OLED screen which covers virtually the whole face of the phone, producing pin-sharp images, enhanced by the ambient light adjustment through Apple’s unique True Tone system.
Best Iphone X Apps

Although some reviewers have commented that the way the on-screen controls work make it a better phone for playing portrait games than landscape ones – this is a small quibble in the grand scheme of things. The iPhone X has set the standard for mobile gaming, just like the first iPhone set the standard for smartphones.

With these great advances in the quality of the hardware it’s fallen to the games developers to follow suit by creating the sorts of games which really do it justice. So now these have advanced beyond all recognition in terms of their video and audio quality. We’re certainly a long way from the days when the most fun you could have had on your phone was a game of Snake.

Here are five of the best mobile games you can play on your iPhone X.

1. Super Mario Run

Let’s start with a true old-school favourite, courtesy of those geniuses at Nintendo. The plucky Italian plumber has been with us for as long as many of us can remember but the version you’ll play on the iPhone X is as if you’re meeting him for the very first time.

This classic chaser game couldn’t be easier to play. Just tap the screen and you’ll control Mario as he hurtles incessantly forward – until he doesn’t, of course. But then you have the chance to leap on to one of the passing bubbles that will carry him back to where he began. It’s an ingeniously simple technique to prolong playing time.

In terms of why it’s such a good game for the iPhone X, the brilliant colours of Mario’s world are as bright and sharp as they could possibly be and the portrait nature of the game means that it fills the screen beautifully. So it’s a natural fit in every way.

2. The Machines

Best Iphone X Apps

Apple has recently stated its commitment to leading the way in augmented reality and The Machines is a stunning example of this. It’s a classic real-time strategy game in which the battleground is your immediate surroundings.

The game begins with two “Champions” set to battle it out using smart thinking, strategy and tactics to take out the opponent’s home base. Initially, each champion has two special powers that they can use to overcome their enemy. As the game progresses more of these can be unlocked, along with the ability to start playing in multiplayer mode once you reach level 3 of the game. As more and more people are discovering just how good this game is, it’s never hard to find another opponent.

But where the game really comes into its own is in the superb levels of augmented reality. Whether you’ve made your lounge, kitchen or bedroom the arena where the battle will take place, you’ll probably be stunned to learn that no actual devastation will have taken place.

3. Online casino games

If there’s been a real gaming success story over the last couple of decades it’s been the inexorable rise of online casino games. From an activity that simply didn’t exist before widespread internet access, it’s today enjoyed by people from all walks of life – as its $60 billion valuation can attest. Devices like the iPhone X have only served to make it even more popular.

Given its huge market size, there’s more investment than ever into making the games more engaging and immersive. In fact, some players prefer it to the experience of going to a land-based casino, as the online equivalent is so realistic it’s able to bring an adrenaline-fuelled casino environment to their living room – or wherever they’re playing on their mobile device.

Online casino players can choose to play classic table games such as roulette, blackjack and poker – or choose from a range of slot games – and get a premium gaming experience wherever and whenever they want. Still, with so many brands offering this service, only at the best operators such as 888 casino will you find the most thrilling and enjoyable online casino games.

4. Grid Autosport

Best Iphone X Apps

For a long time, many gamers assumed you could never play a driving game effectively on a mobile. But the coming together of Grid Autosport and the iPhone X has proved all the doubters wrong. In fact, many believe it’s just as good as the console gaming experience that it aims to emulate.

For example, it’s a racing stimulator that includes the choice of 100 race tracks and 100 cars – so the large memory of the iPhone X is useful for holding all this data.

It’s probably best to start off in “rookie” mode while you get the feel of the controls. But before long you’ll be flexing your racing muscles. The images of the tracks are incredibly lifelike and the combination of cars and road conditions make it a challenge that goes on and on offering new features to master.  

5. Monument Valley

If construction games are your thing, then Monument Valley is definitely one for you. In the game you play a princess called Ida and your task is to travel through abandoned monuments and place a geometric shape on the top of each one.

There are ten levels to negotiate, each one more complex than the last.  Along the way you have challenges and puzzles to complete as well as crow people to overcome if you are to reach your goal. The visual style is very much like Escher’s impossible geometric structures with mind-bending optical illusions and the imagery is perfectly suited to the pin-sharp iPhone screen.

It’s more a game for reasoned reflection and has a soothing soundtrack to accompany it. So if you’re a fan of mindfulness this could be the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing half hour or so whenever you need it. Once you’ve mastered the ten levels you can even buy an extension for a further eight levels so the enjoyment can go on and on.

Check out any of these games and you’ll understand just why Apple continues to rule the roost in smartphones. Know of a game that’s even better than the ones we’ve picked? Let us know in the comments below.

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