The Fastest Growing Trends in Online Gaming – Enjoy White Orchid Slots and Other Fun Games

In the past decades, the online gaming industry has gone from strength to strength, leaving some mind-blowing statistics in its wake. According to investment analysis, the benefits that accompany this online gaming favour all parties. 

The booming industry has created a level playing field for entrepreneurs, gamers, and developers as the possibility of feeding their insatiable appetite for online gaming isn’t too daunting anymore. With mobile gaming gaining steady traction (all thanks to smartphones), it also contributes greatly to the market growth of this thriving industry.

Below, we’ll look at the current fast-growing industry trends at the moment.

Online Gaming: Fastest Growing Trends in 2021

Free Base Games

One of the key market trends of recent times is the creation of free base games. Typically, one would need to pay a fee to access a game’s offerings. While this was the case for most console games, there are now games that can be accessed on mobile and web platforms.

To put things into perspective for readers:

  • Early games like Minecraft and World of Warcraft didn’t feature microtransactions. After the initial one-off payment by the customer, there wasn’t any opportunity for the game developer to make any more money until another title was released.
  • These days, players do not have to pay for anything at the onset. However, as they progress, there are numerous small amounts of money needed to unlock other levels or milestones.

This way, revenue isn’t lacking for game developers as they can keep their businesses up and running.

The Live Casino Section

Just like the online slots players could easily access from the convenience of their homes, there’s now a live casino section on almost every gambling platform you visit. Here, instead of going to a physical casino to place wagers on your favorite table games, you can deal directly with a live dealer to play the cards and place bets.

Although this game variation was sort of expensive in its early years, more and more people can afford to set wagers without hassles. To achieve seamless gameplay, the live dealer section integrates the use of a Games Control Unit, different cameras covering all angles, and the Optical Character Recognition device.

Game Streaming

The streaming of games is one of the latest trends in online gaming. This aspect also doubles as a business venture that investors are currently flocking due to its limitless potential.

The company at the fore of this “electronic arts” market is Twitch. Released in 2011, this streaming service has been able to garner millions of viewers globally, and this number isn’t reducing anytime soon. Although the prospect of watching other people play might sound like a daunting task, there are heaps of individuals that enjoy this activity.

As it focuses mainly on gaming, Twitch continues to witness a steady revenue growth annually. What’s more? Their biggest content creators are partakers of these rewards.

Virtual Reality

Another example of the key market trends in this industry, games based on Virtual Reality are here to stay.

With top companies like Valve and Oculus set to release affordable Virtual Reality headsets this year, players can now encompass those previously inaccessible lines of fantasy gaming without any hitches.

More Focus on Responsible Gaming

While the online gaming industry might have gotten accolades for making games more accessible, there’s the issue of player addiction.

Due to the upsurge of these cases, game operators are making concerted efforts to nullify issues of this nature in their entirety. There are disclaimers featured in almost every game offering informing players about the impending financial room that awaits anyone who becomes addicted.

Also, casinos are now setting daily limits to the number of transactions players can make to ensure accountability across the board. While this development is worthy of note, we expect that operators set a higher bar regarding these issues soon.

Before concluding, how about a quick history lesson to know where it all started.

Online Gaming: How It All Began

The White Orchid slots and free games casino slots we’re used to all have their make-up from the development of video games. Therefore, it’s only right that we take a history lesson to have a proper foundation on online gaming.

While video game mock-ups were the order of the day in the mid-1950s, the world’s first console-based gaming device didn’t appear until the 70s. Online games only started to gain popularity amongst players in the 90s due to a vast adoption of the Internet and other related services.

The table below aims at giving our readers a timeline on noticeable changes in online gaming since its formative stages.

YearMilestone Achieved
The 1990sThe adoption of the Internet by individuals. Consequently, online gaming becomes popular.
2003Development of the Steam service. Players could enjoy games that were regularly updated and leave reviews of their experiences online.
2004A significant year as World of Warcraft is released. With the incorporation of an online multiplayer feature, more than 10 million players had active subscriptions, a first of its kind.
2007Online gaming now tilts towards mobile devices.
2008The launch of one of the best-selling games in gaming history, Warcraft. This game title sold a whopping 170+ million copies to the general public.
2009Top smartphone developer “Apple” announced in-app purchases on all their devices.
2015A total of 1.5 billion active games worldwide.
2016Pokemon Go, an Augmented Reality (AR) game, was released, gathering a gross revenue greater than any other gaming title in its first month.
2019World-renowned search engine “Google” developed Stadia; a cloud-based gaming service that accords gamers the luxury of playing online games without a Physical console present.


Technological advancements are a major reason why the gaming market is constantly evolving. From the above timeline, it’s obvious that all these milestones wouldn’t have been possible without it. Who would’ve guessed that we’d be able to play free slots on mobile or that AR and cloud-based gaming would ever be feasible?

Moving forward, we expect that more innovations hit this industry in no distant time – a prospect that has left most market players buzzing with excitement and skepticism all at once. It’ll certainly be exciting to see how technology and the growing number of creative minds churn out more trends to transform the gaming scene, leaving no stone unturned.

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