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Evolution Electronics and Electrical Ltd. is an electric shop based in London, United Kingdom. This is the best choice for your electronics and electrical needs. Products available in this electrical store are based on smart LED energy-saving technology. They offer competitive pricing of services without losing the highest quality of services. They are, undoubtedly, the best in the industry!

Evolution Electronics & Electrical Ltd. – the best choice for your electronics and electrical needs!

This electric store provides and constantly improves their range of the newest security systems. They focus on the cooperation with their customers in order to design systems that are tailored to the customer’s needs. They make every effort to meet the demands of each customer already during the first visit to a shop. They also provide modern and advanced lighting solutions as well as articles in the field of electrics and electronics.

Create your system – what is this about?

“Create your system” is one of the most unique kinds of service that Evolution Electronics and Electrical Ltd. offers. This option is perfect for customers who want to create their ideal personalised product from scratch. People interested in this option ought to choose their desired products (CCTV IP, CCTV HD, CCTV POC, wireless alarm, wired alarm, intercom, door access) and build it – it is possible in just a few clicks on their site.

Evolution Electronics and Electrical Ltd. – what exactly do they offer?

The offer of Evolution Electronics and Electrical Ltd. – this article’s subject – is extremely wide. You can purchase lights, smart devices, sensors and detectors, outdoor accessories and lights, sockets-switches, ventilations and tools such as drill bits or bi-metal holesaws.

Additionally, the offer also consists of electronics. The categories that you can find in the online electrical shop are: networking & Wi-Fi, satellite & aerials, cinema & sound, heating control, access control, burglar alarms, fire systems, intercom, door bells, TV brackets, and CCTV. Each category has a few sub-categories – we are sure you’ll find your desired products as there are many to select from!

What can you gain by choosing Evolution Electronics and Electrical Ltd.?

As a leader in the industry, Evolution Electronics and Electrical Ltd. employs the best assembly specialists. Each member of their team has many years of experience and appropriate knowledge, which guarantees the most proper performance of services. This electrical (London) shop offers top-class products and electrical supplies that make their customers’ lives easier. Customers save time as they no longer need to search for better quality in other places – they get everything in one place.

This electrical store (London-based Evolution Electronics and Electrical Ltd.) additionally allows you to save money, considering that they maintain competitive prices (incl. VAT). A huge range of electrical equipment that the company offers is suited to any budget. Their products are simply worth the price you pay for them (in both stationary and online shops)!

What’s more, a sufficiently large stock guarantees really quick delivery times, which is a great advantage of this electrical store. London customers can buy chosen products and expect delivery the same day. People ordering from the other parts of England and the UK usually receive their orders the next day. Fast delivery is super convenient! Additional benefits of using the services of Evolution Electronics and Electrical Ltd. are 14 days return policy, installation support, technical support, and design system.

How to contact Evolution Electronics and Electrical Ltd.?

To contact Evolution Electronics and Electrical Ltd. you can email them by e-mail: [email protected] or send an enquiry by filling in the form on the website Feel free to visit the stationary shop in London, United Kingdom that is open Mon-Fri (7:00am – 5:00pm) and on Saturdays (8:00am – 1:00 pm). Don’t hesitate to contact Evolution Electronics and Electrical Ltd.! Use a preferred form of contact and get detailed information or arrange a meeting.

  • Evolution Electronics and Electrical Ltd.
  • 398 Harrow Rd, London W9 2HU
  • +44 20 8432 2773

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