Everything You Need to Know to Play Rummy Online

If you are looking for an exciting card game, try rummy! To learn how to play rummy, including the different strategies for this card game, read this rummy guide.

Let’s start with what rummy is.

What is Rummy?

You need two decks of cards and two Jokers to play rummy online. One of these is a closed deck where you can’t see the card you are picking. The other deck is called an open deck, where you can see the cards. The open deck is formed using cards that other players have discarded.

A valid declaration is required to win the rummy game. You need to pick and discard cards from both piles.

Then, the cards must be grouped in a valid sequence and the right sets.

You’ll have both high and low-ranking cards in the deck. In terms of rank, the low-to-high sequence is as follows:

  • Ace
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • Jack
  • Queen
  • King

The cards with the highest points are King, Queen, Jack, and Ace, with each card carrying 10 points. The other cards are worth their face value. A 5, for example, carries 5 points.

Rules for Playing Rummy

Goal of Rummy

To play rummy online, 13 cards need to be arranged in valid sets and sequences. For a valid rummy declaration, a pure sequence is essential.

How Can You Form a Sequence

You have a sequence when there are three or more cards from the same suit. There are two sequences in rummy, a pure and an impure sequence.

  • Pure Sequence: For this sequence, three or more cards are needed from one suit, and you cannot use a Joker or wild card. These cards must be in consecutive order. Cards 5, 6, and 7 are examples of 3 cards without a joker.
  • Impure Sequence: You’ll also find three or more cards in this sequence. The only difference is that there can be one or more Jokers here. Examples of impure sequences include cards 6, 7, 9, and the Queen.

To form a set, you need three or more that have the same value but come from different suits.

Examples of a suit would be an Ace of Hearts, an Ace of Spades, and an Ace of Diamonds. They are of the same value but belong to different suits.

Understanding the Rules of Rummy

These are the basic rules of rummy.

  1. You need two decks of cards and between 2 and 6 players to play rummy. Every player gets 13 cards, along with a random card that is considered a joker card or wild Joker.
  2. Next valid sets and sequences need to be formed by drawing and discarding cards from the 13 cards you have. The wild Joker or printed Joker can be used for impure sequences or sets.
  3. To win the game according to the rules in India, you need one pure sequence with other sequences or sets. Once you have all these, declare and win the round.

Smart Tips for Winning the Game

Now that you know how to play rummy, follow these steps to improve your chances of winning the game, and getting an edge over your competitors:

  • A pure sequence is vital for winning the game. Form it when you start the game so that you can declare and win
  • Cards like King, Queen, Jack, and Ace carry high points. Remove them and instead use the Wild Cards or Joker. When you have fewer points, you lose less if you lose a round.
  • Avoid using cards from the discard pile to form a set since the other players get to know what cards you have.
  • Smart cards are ones that go with two different cards. For example, the smart card 7 in a suit can be combined with cards 5 and 6 or cards 8 and 9.
  • The Joker is an important card in your game. Replace the high-value cards mentioned here with the Joker. Don’t forget that you can’t use the Joker to form a pure sequence.
  • Verify your sequence multiple times before you make a declaration when you play rummy online. If you make an invalid declaration, you could lose even if you have a chance to win.

Common Rummy Terms You Need to Know

Know these common terms before you play rummy online:

  • Rummy Table: This is where the game is played, and two to six players can sit at one table
  • Joker/Wild Cards: You need these cards for impure sequences and forming sets.
  • Draw/Discard: When you take a card from a stack, it’s a draw, and when you get rid of a card, it’s a discard
  • Sorting of Cards: Press the ‘Sort’ button once your sets and sequences are ready.
  • Drop: When you leave the game before the round ends, it’s a drop. The first drop is 20 points, the middle drop is 40 points, and leaving in the end with the last drop is 80 points.
  • Cash Tournaments: Games that have cash prizes

Let’s find out the different strategies for winning when you play rummy online.

Strategies to Win at Rummy

Use these strategies to improve your chances of winning at rummy:

Avoid Drawing From a Discard

There are two reasons for avoiding cards from a discard.

  1. Your opponent can see your card.
  2. You can’t see the top card of the deck that could complete a run.

Check What Card Your Opponent Draws From the Discard Pile

If you are wondering if you need to discard a six of diamonds or a six of clubs, discard the six of clubs if your opponent picks up a six of diamonds.

Watch the Cards Your Opponent is Discarding

It’s safer to discard cards that your opponents have discarded.

Keep Lower Value Cards

High-value cards or deadwood cards should be discarded since they lower your chances of an early win or knock.

Keep Higher Value Cards at the Beginning of the Game

If your opponent has discarded the deadwood cards at the beginning of the game, you can use them to win the round. When you’ve used half your deck, discard these cards.


Rummy is an exciting card game, and if you follow these tips when you play rummy online, you have a higher chance of winning the game! For more tips, guides, and reviews, explore our website.

Happy playing!

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