Essay Topics For Art Lovers For Your End Semester

A student’s academic success and impression depend on the timely submission of the assignments and studying the modules. Striking a balance between both these is indeed a challenge.

It is found that many students fail to engage themselves while writing essays. They complain that writing essays and assignments are indeed boring. This is why selecting essay topics becomes a highly important affair for you. If you like the topic, you can engage thoroughly with the essay and write it on your own. This engagement is highly important as it deepens the knowledge and helps grow deeper insights into the topic. 

The topics of art are indeed interesting and thought-provoking. Art abounds in all branches of creativity, like painting, music, literature, and dance. The languages of art cut down the boundary of geography and attain universality. Here we discuss some topics for Art lovers for the end semester.

Why Art In Life?

Art is a medium of free expression that has a universal language. It’s an outburst of imagination recollected in tranquility. Art is such a medium where you can mingle the abstract and the concrete, the real and the fantastical, the appearance and reality. 

1. Awaken Your Higher Senses 

We are bound to take the world as it is and completely run away from giving a new perspective to it. But with the help of art, you can observe things from a completely different perspective that others are not using. 

2. Free Expression

The success of a democratic nation depends on free expression. This is the main difference between democracy and the rule of a despot. Art can best serve this need of human beings. 

Artwork that stood the test of time is the outcome of free expression. They help bring in transformation.

3. Anxiety And Depression 

According to available figures, around 31% of university students in the United States are diagnosed with anxiety. Moreover, 27% of the students suffer from depression.

These figures are quite appalling, and they raise deeper concerns about the future that lies tomorrow. Engaging in art and music is one of the great ways through which one can beat depression and anxiety. So art can be really helpful in fighting depression.

Essay Topics For Art Loves For Your End Semester. 

If you are an art lover, you should definitely try to write an essay on it, at least in your last semester. Art essays would be highly interesting and engaging for you. Here we can mention some art topics for your end semester. The assignment will be your way of engagement and introspection. 

1. Theory Of Modern Art: Rationalization 

The students of the literature can relate to it well. There is a basic difference between Romanticism and Classicism. Classicism follows the rationalization quite the opposite of romanticism. Here you can provide examples from different eras of art to justify your point of rationality and its contribution to art and its superiority over imagination. It’s true that rationalization leads to the awakening of the senses. 

2. The Role Of Music In Life 

Here you can take the help of Western practitioners like Beethoven and Bach to understand music and its journey. At the same time, you can use the help of contemporary clinical studies to understand the role of music in the healing process- you can use them all in your essay.

3. Films And Their Role In Society 

Films are the most effective medium to reflect the reality of society. This is why it has reached the masses. You can mention some of the life and works of a few great masters of this medium to highlight the role of films in society. 

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4. Modern And Postmodern Art: Theories 

In this essay, you can point out a glimpse of society and identify the core character traits that govern the period. 

At the same time, you can discuss some of the literature, paintings, or sculptures from the period to understand the change or evolution that took place in that period. 

5. Modern Philosophers And Their Viewpoints 

This would be an engaging discussion on the modern greats like Martin Luther, Erasmus, and Leonardo Davinci. You can use the protestant movement’s help to highlight the developments during the period. 

6. Are Pastels Good For Drawing 

Pastel color has its own features. Through the essay, you can explain how to create different shades of colors to create a distinctive artwork. You can also distinguish the difference that pastel colors have with that watercolor. 

7. Should Dance Be An Olympic Sport?

Every sport has its own nature, style, and rules, and dance has some of the characteristics associated with contemporary games. You can discuss the history of the 

Olympic movement to highlight its contribution to the present society. You can draw a parallel description of major classical dance forms. It’s real research work and will make for a great discussion.

8. Is Art Good For Children?

With the help of diverse research, you can highlight how art is influential in shaping the intellect of an individual. You can also highlight the essential characteristics of different art forms like poetry, painting, sculpture, and others to better understand art. 

You can write down how art can inspire young minds toward creativity. At the same time, you can also discuss how it can promote a sense of free thinking among the children. 

9. Contemporary Graffiti As Political Art 

You can discuss with a historical background how graffiti spread across continents. 

Then you can point out how amazing this medium is for creating public opinion against the government. At the same time, you can also refer to some of the great graffiti works that created news worldwide.

Bringing The Discussion To A Close

Art recognizes no barriers, and its effective use in society can bring change. This is why art has its line of thought. 

All the essays discussed above would be highly thought-provoking. Moreover, you also need quite a bit of research to write them. Hence you can select such interesting topics as part of your semester. 

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