Esports Tournaments and Events Guide for Beginners

Esports or electronic sports have really taken the world of sports by storm. For a sport that’s still less than 50 years old, that’s really amazing. It is a high-tech sport and most esports enthusiasts are young males below the age of 30. For a video game to qualify as esports it has to be competitive. It also has to be played as part of a tournament or league and the participating teams have to be competing for prize money. There are competitions and tournaments galore in esports. You can find a full list of games on Play-Grid. Beginners are sometimes not aware of these, so this article will take you on a journey through some of these.

Fortnite World Cup

This comes as one of the most popular online gaming tournaments in the world and every year millions of fans and viewers eagerly look forward to it. In 2019 it had staggering US 100 million in prizes. This tournament is administered by Epic Games. Participation in this event is based on merit

Capcom Cup

This competition or tournament was launched in 2013 and is essentially a live esports tournament. Players that participate qualify by playing in a series of knockout competitions. The final tournament is usually played by sixteen to thirty-two players. It is very popular with online viewers and the event is usually held annually in countries and at venues that the organisers announce several months beforehand.

Rocket League

This tournament is administered and hosted by Psyonix. These are also the people who started Rocket League. It is a contest that is done every year and it’s for players or gamers from players around the world. To make it to the finals, gamers have to play and win against players from other countries. It is organised in such a way that all regional qualifying games are played and viewed online only with only the finals being played and watched live. The total prize money for the 2019 games was US 1 million.

League of Legends

This tournament is done annually and it offers games of the popular esports game, League of Legends. The competitions for 2020 were slated to be hosted by Riot games and were to be played in China. The plan was for twenty four teams from up to fourteen different nations around the world to take part in the league. Teams which play in the finals have to go through qualifying rounds.

BlizzCon 2020

This cup is best described as a sports convention. It ranks amongst the most popular gaming competitions around the world and it is sponsored by the popular Blizzard Entertainment  based in the US. Ranked age-wise with other esports tournaments, BlizzCon is an old game, the event having been first hosted in 2005. Recent as that might seem it is actually old when considered relative  to when other esports tournaments started. Also, unlike most other gaming competitions this one has several different games on offer from Overwatch, World of Warcraft and Starcraft games. International Esports Federation Global Championships

The format used for holding this tournament is very similar to that used for traditional sport Olympic Games. The major similarity is that teams represent the countries they come from and competitions are held for different esports game categories. The federation has been in existence since 2008 and countries which regularly sent teams include Taiwan and several others.

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